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Creston’s TPMC-3X Remote Sure Looks Purty But Expensive

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There are remotes and then there are Creston remotes.  Set for release in July, the TPMC-3X goes above and beyond the requirements of any home theater remote and includes Texas Instrument’s  OMAP 2 OMAP2430 processor under its hood, which is often found in many of today’s mobile phones.  There is...


Motorola QA4 Touchscreen Slider Phone Is Official


While I’ll reserve my excitement for less leaked phones – yeah, we saw high rez pics of this back in mid February – Motorola did officially announce their QA4 slider touchscreen handset today.  While it surely is a decent looking device there isn’t anything revolutionary under its hood: 2.8-inch touchscreen,...


Garmin-Asus Navigates Us To Another Phone, The M20


Garmin-Asus announced their official partnership last week and with it unveiled the official Nuvifone, the G60.  Although we got clued into other Nuvifones at the time of the announcement we didn’t get any specific details.  Today, Garmin-Asus unveiled their second phone, the M20.  It’s a Window Mobile 6.1 based handset...


Double Your Pleasure With The gScreen Laptop


The gScreen laptop is one of those laptops that justifies – scratch that, justifies a double take.  Pun aside, is this thing real?  Based on the one lone picture on their site, it appears as though the dueling 15.4-inch screens sit on top of one and other and slide in...