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QBIC front main

ELMO QBIC MS1 POV Action Camera Review

on’t call the QBIC MS1 POV Action Camera “wearable”; sure its palm-sized shape may make it well suited for one-hand inconspicuous use, but it’s too heavy to wear on a label or affix to a shirt. The wide angle lens — emphasis on “wide” — emulates the point-of-view that the...

Rok Espresso Machine

Non-Electric ROK Espresso Is Environmentally Friendly

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An espresso maker that makes delicious java and is good for the earth…sign us up! The non-electric, manual ROK espresso maker is ideal for those looking to conserve power. Made from polished, high-quality aluminum, this espresso maker will look great in any kitchen with its sleek and minimal design. But...

Waterfi Fuelband Featured

Waterfi Waterproof Nike Fuelband Review


ike’s Fuelband, believe it or not, is almost 2-years old.  Yet, despite it’s not so tender age, at least in terms of a gadget, it remains only water resistant.  In other words it’s NOT waterproof.  Take a dip in the pool, bathtub, or as the founder of Techzulu did, a...