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Viewsonic VPC200T

Viewsonic VPC200T Touchscreen AIO PC


Viewsonic does more than just ultra-portable computers, as proven by this business class ultra-slim 22-inch all-in-one touchscreen PC. Of course, a slim touchscreen TV that doubles as a computer is going to be for more than just press rooms and staff meetings, so expect to be seeing these in classrooms...


Asus Designo MS Series LCD Monitors Looks Tasty Thin


Asus has been nailing it on the computer front and in an attempt to swing to the fences they have announced a new line of LCD monitors that the company says “is inspired by the binary state, incorporating a series of contrasting elements like the numbers 1 and 0, straight...


AOC’s Latest LCD Monitors: 2230Fh, 2230Fm and V22


AOC, the display maker, is getting up in the gaming market with a new line of gamer certified displays.  Today, they announced 3 monitors – the 2230Fh, 2230Fm and V22 – that all sport a 22-inch display, a 2ms response time and variable contrast ratios.  The V22 is the flagship...


Gadgets At A Glance: Acer Ferrari F-22Bid 22-inch LCD Monitor


What is it: A limited edition – they’ll only produce 500 – 22-inch LCD Acer monitor with Ferrari branding Features: 1680×1050 resolution, 300 cd/m2 brightness, 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 2ms response time, HDMI, DVI and D-Sub inputs. Availability: Here (not the exact same model number) Price: $310 [Akihabaranews]...