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Akai LPK 25 And LPD 8 To Be Shown At This Month’s NAMM


I have had my Akai MPC 1000 for several years now and still appreciate its craftmanship and accessability.  At this year’s NAMM show in Nashville, Akai will unveil the LPK 25 and the LPD8 as the ultimate portable MIDI controllers.  Not sure on the total specs but they seem to...


WWDC 09: Apple’s Almost Real Time App Wall (video)


Aimed to show the power of the App Store, Apple’s App Wall display is sure to catch your eye at this year’s WWDC.  Showing 20,000 of the most popular Apps it also displays apps being purchased at about a 5 minute delay.  Looks pretty Matrix-esque.  Cool wall paper idea “indeed”!...


LG 2009 Flat Screen TV Line Up Released


LG’s UK blog released a full run down of their 2009 flat screen TV lineup.  They’ve got a Freesat HD model (LF7700), which will only apply to those in Europe, but overall it should be a good indication of what is to come here in the US. Hit the ‘read’...


Sidekick 2009 LX Officially Unveiled


We’ve known for some time that the Sidekick 2009 LX was on its way and today T-Mobile finally unveiled it.  Upgrades to the device include a high res 854×480 screen, 3.2 megapixel camera, 3G connectivity, new UI with device wide search (in your face iPhone), Exchange support and GPS.  Available...


Gadget Leak: Toshiba 2009-2010 Handset Roadmap


Spring has sprung and with it leaked images and info about Toshiba’s upcoming handsets.  The 5 new handsets are purportedly all based on the 1 GHz Snapdragon processor running Windows Mobile 6.5. First up is the TG02 and TG03, which build upon the already announced TG01 that includes a 4.1-inch...


AT&T Announces Improvements To 3G In 2009


AT&T announced they’re working on improvements to their 3G network in 2009. First off, they’ll be finishing HSPA network coverage for the New York and San Francisco areas by the end of 2009. More significantly, they’ll be switching from the 1,900MHz band to the 850MHz band in major cities. Big...


Gadget Leak: Samsung 2009 Handsets


Loose lips sink ships, and it this case it’s Samsung.  Okay, so leaked handsets won’t hurt the company, in fact it might help.  A total of 9 handsets that are set to be released in 2009 were leaked yesterday. Most of the phones are candybar or slider style, with one...


Gadget Rumor: Sidekick LX 2009


There’s no way to confirm this, but according to a survey taker on Quizpoints, Danger is planning to release a new and improved Sidekick, the Sidekick LX 2009 to be exact.  Keep in mind that this is pure pontification and is based off the fact that the QuizPoints user was...


Gadget Leak: Samsung 2009 HDTV Lineup


Samsung is set to unveil their latest 2009 HDTVs during CES 2009. 2009 models include a new 3-series, three new 4-series, two new 5-series, four new 6-series, and a new 7 series 7U model....

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