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Bullet Cufflinks

9mm Bullet Cufflinks Are Shotgun Wedding Certified


There are no shortage of inventive cufflinks.  Some of the best I’ve seen are of the Star Wars ilk, but those are excessively expensive and might draw so much appeal due to their nostalgic quality.  Rising to the top of my list, assuming I was going to a “shotgun wedding”,...

Top Gun 3D

Top Gun 3D Arriving this February for $20 (video)


Everyone knows that when 3D is added in post, or after principal shooting has been completed, that it’s not nearly as compelling an experience as if it were shot with an actual stereoscopic camera.  But that isn’t about to stop the studios from reissuing old movies with a third dimension. On...

Carbon Fiber Mac Mini

Gadget of the Week: Carbon Fiber Mac Mini


Odds are your Mac Mini will never be on display, but when it is you might as well show it off in all its glory with this Carbon Fiber Mac Mini skin.  To be candid, it’s simply a sticker.  But that means installation is easy, quick, painless, and comes in...

Death Star Bottle Opener

Death Star Bottle Opener


Bottle openers have no personality these days. Which is what makes this Death Star Bottle Opener so cool! Knock back a couple of brewskies using this cool bottle opener that’s shaped like Darth Vader’s infamous Death Star from Star Wars. The innovative opener features an easy grip for opening bottles...

iPad Keyboard Close Up Angle

11 of the Best iPad Mini Keyboards (list)


Apple’s new iPad Mini is provides everything  you love about their tablets, expect in a small form that you can hold in one hand. And like everything else that’s new that you buy, you’ll need to also grab a few accessories to enhance your user experience. We’ve compiled a list...

tool gift guide 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Power and Hand Tools (list)


While the traditional tech gifts, such as phones, tablets, and computers make for excellent gifts, nothing says caring than giving the gift of utility.  What are we talking about?  Tools, as in chain saws, drills, axes, and anything that lays an assist to resolving to do items around the house....


Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener


Sadly, you’ll never be able to pop a bottle cap off with just your mind.  Unless of course you’re a Jedi warrior. Relatively speaking this Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener is anything like a Jedi mind trick, but it sure is rad looking.  The bottle opener, which is crafted in...