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Finis MP3

Finis Ups The SwiMP3 Player to 1GB


The SwiMp3 underwater bone-conduction MP3 player from Finis is the only player I’ve seen or used that alleviates the suction problem experienced by other players.  While it does have problems of its own, it definitely deserves your attention if you are looking for a music player to entertain you while...


Antares’ KPMP316 Sports MP3 Player Are Earbuds


Small, tiny and light weight are all necessary components for a successful MP3 player. Antares’ KPMP316 Sports MP3 player embodies all of these qualities and is available in 3 sizes (1GB, 2GB and 4GB) and two colors (blue or yellow). The right ear bud contains the player’s controls and a...


Silver Bullet USB Drives Offer Remote Managment


Emails can be retracted, although it rarely works, but what about physical media? Hand a sensitive file to the wrong employee and you might find yourself starring at the wrong end of a pink slip. Silver Bullet’s USB drives, and service, are unlike any other flash drive. Each drive, or...