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Myo 2

Myo Muscle-Sensing Armband Hitting Amazon Soon


A while back we introduced you to Myo, the muscle-sensing gesture control armband that uses numerous sensors that can translate a person’s hand movements to gestures that can control their phone, TV and computer – all without having to actually touch any of the things. That introduction was back in 2013, and...


Poseidon Portable Charger Is Built Tough


Even adventure seekers and rugged enthusiasts need to keep their phones, cameras, GoPros and the like charged when out and Dark Energy’s Poseidon is the only compact portable charge up for the challenge. The military-grade and waterproof mobile batter is ultra-compact and high capacity, ready to charge anything and everything you need...

Motorola Droid Ultra-013

Motorola Droid Ultra First Impression


t’s doesn’t take a genius to see that Motorola’s Droid Ultra isn’t that much different than the Droid Maxx.  In fact, it’s largely the same phone, save for the slightly thinner body (.28″ vs .33″) thanks to the lesser battery and high gloss back covering.  But alas, just as much...