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iSketchnote Digitalizes Your Drawings and Notes


Artists and creative types know how important it is to carry around their sketchpad with them since inspiration can strike at any moment. However, many would like to save their hardcopy sketches on their devices, which isn’t always easy to do unless you scan it. But the iSketchnote wants to...


FreeWavz Wireless Earphones Tracks Your Fitness


Forget about having to buy a smartwatch or some fitness tracking device to monitor your stats when you workout! Instead, the FreeWavz Wireless Earphones will do it AND let you listen to your favorite tunes so that you’re pumped up for your workout. The Kickstarter campaign is currently looking to...

Omate TrueSmart

Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch Is Great for the Pool


Smartwatches have become the new IT accessory and now you can take the plunge in a pool or the ocean with the Omate TrueSmart that’s water-resistant and can work independently from and with all smartphones. So you don’t need to have your smartphone around to get all the features of...