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Booq BOA 3L Bag - 01

Gadget Review: Booq BOA 3L Laptop Backpack


Finding a quality back pack that is laptop friendly is liking searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s not that the bags don’t exist, it’s just that 90% of them are crap, which is very much analogous to my hunt for a quality sleeve for my Macbook Pro. So...


Gadget Review: VP Messenger Bag by OGIO


I want to be upfront about something, so I’m going to tell you a secret. Both my backpack and my golf bag were manufactured by OGIO, and I love both. Thusly, I had high expectations for this bag. That being said, I definitely wanted to be fair and pound out...


17-inch Macbook Pro Battery Is Removable…Sort Of


I love it.  Apple announced the 17-inch Macbook Pro to a ton of fanfare and then disappointment thanks to the ‘nonremovable battery‘.  But, and you’re gonna like this, the battery is totally removable.  Just unscrew the 13 Philips screws and unplug.  Apparently there is some sort of ‘warranty’ sticker, but...


Apple Reveals 17-inch Macbook Pro Battery Replacement Plan


So when Apple announced the new 17-inch Macbook Pro, the reaction was a bit bitter sweet in light of the ‘fixed’ battery.  Fortunately, the battery lasts for 7 to 8 hours between charges and should survive 3 times longer than your average laptop battery.  Unfortunately, the battery can’t be replaced...


Gadget Leak: Lenovo Dual Screen Laptop, W700ds


So the inherent problem with any laptop is screen real estate. There just isn't enough to properly traverse the ever expanding Internet or wide range of applications, such as Photoshop that call for an endless array of windows. Lenovo's latest, the W700ds remedies this quandary with a secondary...


Dell Intros Quad-Core Laptop: Precision M6400 Covet


Dell’s latest workstation laptop, the Precision M6400 Covet, is straight up bad ass. For some extra cash you can toss in an Quad-Core processor, upgrade the RAM to 16GB and increase total storage to 1TB. At the base level of this machine is a 17-inch LCD, four memory slots, an...


Asus Intros First Quad-Core Gaming Laptop: G71


Asus announced the World’s first quad-core processor laptop, today.  Additionally, it also features the ability to overclock the processor’s speed – 3 settings – thanks to the Direct Console 2.0 interface.  Expect, at the top end of course, 2x 500GB hard drives, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, a 17-inch LCD with...


Dell Precision M6400 Details and Specs Emerge


By: A. Smith Dell plans to ship the new Mobil Workstation, called the M6400, on Oct. 22nd. This power house of a laptop starts at $2,299 and includes the Intel Q43 Express chipset with different Core 2 Duo processors configurations. The M6400 also supports up to 16GB or RAM, but...