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Hyperglide razor

Hyperglide Razors Provide “World’s Best Shave”

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King of Shaves wants you to have the “World’s Best Shave” with their new Hyperglide System Razors that features a unique patented superhydrophilic self-lubricating cartridge, which creates its own HydroGel when water hits it to deliver an amazing shave glide that’s comfortable and close. All you have to do is add water...

Homer Macbook Decal

Homer Simpson Macbook Decal Chomps the Apple Logo


There are no shortage of Macbook decals.  Top of my list includes the Sub Zero and Dark Night decals.  And while I’m not a die hard Simpson fan, I’ll gladly add this Macbook decal which depicts Homer eating the glowing Apple icon on the back cover of the Macbook. The...

USB Doughnut Humidifier

USB Doughnut Humidifier Works in a Glass of Water

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Are you plagued by dry skin and a dry mouth at your office? Both heat and air conditioning can wreak havoc on your respiratory system – but you no longer need to install a bulky humidifier to get relief – simply drop a USB Doughnut Humidifier into a glass of water!...

Forte 1

2014 Kia Forte- Lower, Longer, Wider… And Sexier?


Last week I reported on Kia’s 2014 release of their Sorento CUV. You can read that here. Now for a brief rundown of what we can expect of Kia’s 2014 Forte. The Kia Forte slots into their lineup between the Rio sub-compact sedan and the best-selling Optima mid-size sedan. The 2014...