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AudioOrbs Provides A Sound Experience Of Another World


The AudioOrbs Indiegogo campaign is unlike any other around. For $15,000 you can own your own spherical speaker that you can enter. Only five will be built and they’re based on the Micasa Lab Cocoon, but instead of being fitted with storage modules, the Orb features speakers instead. As the...

Graff Ametis Shower Head

Graff Ametis Waterfall Shower Head Costs $15,000


A shower is a shower, right?  Not in the case of the Graff Ametis Shower Head.  It’s an unorthodox shower head that will have many pining for what is possibly one of the best showering experiences you could ever imagine. If you look closely you’ll notice that the shaft of the...

Tread 1 Watch

Tread 1 Watch


There is nothing practical about the Tread 1 watch.  It costs $15,000 and needs to be recharged every two weeks. But for all that trouble, you get a bulletproof time piece and a system that incorporates four belts that are turned by an individual microstep electric motor. Read...

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