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Bluant PumpHD

BlueAnt Pump HD Sport Bluetooth Headphone Review


Call me nitpicky, but I hate corded headphones…when I work out.  So enter the BlueAnt’s Pump HD Sportbuds.  Unveiled in March, these headphones underwent three years of development, include Kevlar (yes, the same stuff in bulletproof vests) and promise exceptional sound despite being wireless.  So are they any good?  In...


Cobra Electronics Debuts Portable Car Jump-Starter Device


Huge in the automotive world, Cobra electronics has released a cool-looking portable jump starter device for you car. Their JumPack is said to be a game-changing device for jump-starting your vehicle. But instead of bulky cables, the portable 7,500mAh portable device looks like a smartphone/tablet charger. Its 200A starting current...

fitbit force

7 Fitbit Force First Impressions (list)


The Fitbit Force was unveiled not more than a few weeks ago.  And last week it finally showed up at my door.  I’ve been using for the last week and some.  Here are my thoughts/impressions so far. To add additional context to my experience, I’ve used a few different Fitbits...

Verizon MiFi

Verizon Jetpack MiFi 4G Hotspot Review


Step foot in any coffee shop and you’ll in all likelihood be grreeted with free WiFi.  More often than not, though, speeds are on par with dialup.  Good for checking your email, but not much more.  It’s an infuriating circumstance that has long deterred me from a large number of...