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Split X 2 Main

HP Split X 2 Review

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on’t be fooled — people aren’t moving away from notebooks in favor of tablets, but they ARE expecting the power of a notebook shouldn’t come at the expense of features only a tablet can provide. So the solution is to combine both notebook and tablet in one. That’s the idea...

Victorinox Slim USB Flash Drive

Victorinox Swiss Army USB Flash Drives


We don’t exactly get excited by flash storage.  But, for Victorinox’s latest USB flash drives we’re willing to make an exception.  They come in two flavors, Slim and Slim Duo, and store a varying capacity that ranges from 4GB to 128GB – the latter is for the Duo, which we...


Toshiba Announces The World’s First 128GB NAND Flash Memory


Toshiba has unveiled the world’s first 128GB NAND Flash Memory, constructed out of older 16GB modules compressed together. They measure only 7×22×1.4mm in size — now that’s small. There’s a 64GB version, too, if you don’t need that much storage. Should we expect iPhone 4 128GB editions soon? Not until next...