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Le Whaf

Le Whaf Lets You Smoke Your Drink (video)

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If we didn’t know any better, we’d assume that the people featured in the below video were crack heads.  After all, they’re all brandishing a glass pipe that is very reminiscent of the drug that scorned and tarred the face off the US during the 1980s.  So what the hell...


Orbotix Sphero Review


One of the movies that always scared me half to death as a child was Phantasm (for the uninitiated, it’s an underground horror flick from 1979)- not because the movie itself was really that terrifying, but the thought of a little ball floating and chasing someone was unnerving.  While the...


CoolerMaster CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Keyboard Review


So you’re favorite keyboard is getting a bit long in the tooth. It’s survived many years of candy crumbs and coffee spillage. If it were dismantled it would mostly likely yield a Hungry Man-sized lunch of petrified snack treats. If any of this sounds like your current board, chances are;...


Gadget Rumor: PS3 $100 Price Cut Coming This August?

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The Xbox 360 has long been the powerhouse console when it comes to serious gaming.  The PS3 may boast more robust hardware but its game selection, or lack there of, and high retail cost have deterred many.  But according to Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia Sony is planning a PS3...


DXG-125V: A $100 HD Waterproof Camcorder


Shock, disbelief and jaw drop.  These are all things that describe my reaction to the DXG-125V (pictured above), a tiny waterproof camcorder that can record 720p video (h.264 encoding) and costs just $100!  It will hit this July and come in red, military olive and winter camouflage.  As for storage...