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Century’s 10-Inch USB Monitor Gives You Lots Of Screen Space


For those looking for a portable way to add onto their screen real estate, this 10.1-inch USB monitor from Century might do the trick. Featuring a 1,366 by 768 pixel resolution, 230cm/m2 brightness, and a 16:9 aspect ratio, you’ll get HD content at its native resolution on this thing, and it...


iView M1Touch Is A 10-Inch iPhone, Basically


Sure, there’s been tons of iPhone knockoffs released in the past few years, but have any of them been ten inches big? Engadget got there hands on such device at Computex, the iView M1Touch, and we have all the specs. The M1Touch is a Windows 7 Premium touchscreen tablet with 2GB...

Fujitsu MH330 Lifebook

Fujitsu LifeBook MH330 Is Sleeeeek

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I’m a fan nice-looking laptops, and here’s yet another one to add to the list. Fujitsu has come out with a sleek new specimen with the LifeBook MH330. The notebook is only 2.4 pounds, and its specs include a 10-inch WSVGA display, 1GB of RAM, an Atom N450 processor, a...


Archos Faces The Music, Announces S10 Netbook


If you’ve long associated Archos with PMPs, well, associate no longer.  The long time maker of portable media players unveiled their first netbook today, the 10s.  It’s slim and slender at just 20mm – that’s just 8mm thicker than the current the 3G iPhone – and includes an Intel Atom...