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The iPad mini is my favorite tablet for reading, catching up on email, and light use. While certain Android tablets like the Nexus 7 do work well for the same purpose, the iPad mini feels better in the hand thanks to the thinner frame and flat design. That said, the aluminum casing is cold to the touch and a warmer, albeit thicker protective case has been in order since day one. That’s why Apple shipped the iPad mini with both a case and cover.

While the former was slightly cheap and the latter too minimalist, the Logitech Folio for iPad mini is a good yet pricier alternative that adds significant thickness to the tiny tablet. But that’s alright, because it looks good enough in the bag, feels good enough in the hand, and is comfortable enough to use daily without regret. As much as I enjoy using the iPad mini and enjoy it’s thinness, the additional girth and the combination of external rubber and internal cloth make it an absolute pleasure to hold.

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The Folio case, which comes in red and black, covers the iPad mini almost completely. Only the camera, microphone, Lightning port and audio jack are accessible, the last of which works with most auxiliary cables unlike so many iOS cases. The outside of the case is rubber for easy grip, and a slight synthetic-rubber strip emblamized with the company logo helps open the cover. The Folio would be better without it. The volume controls are easy enough to press, though the lock button is too rigid and the rotation lock/mute switch doesn’t clasp the iPad’s switch as well as it should, but these are all minor gripes. Most users never use that switch, and with a case there’s almost no reason to ever hit the power button.

Inside the case has a felt surface, especially good for long reading sessions. The iPad itself is housed within a thin plastic frame that adds a good layer of protection. For reading, the mini doesn’t sit as stable as I’d like in the hand because the Folio holds the tablet in the middle, not from the side. This enables users to stand the iPad upright on a desk but that isn’t a perfect solution. In the hand the Folio can flop around because of this instead of holding steady, securely. For the full-size iPad it isn’t a major concern, but for the mini — which I expect many more owners use for reading than for productivity, or at the very least resting on a desk — it’s almost an afterthought. I personally stand the iPad mini up for daily use, though I’m certain there’s some middle-ground.

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All that said, I’ve used the Folio for the past few weeks and absolutely adore it. Thanks to iOS 7, my use of the iPad mini has gone through the roof and the Folio for iPad mini is the best case available for the tablet. It isn’t perfect; I’ve even found that the magnetic lock doesn’t keep it shut in a bag as well as it should, and this leads to some unexpected battery loss, but overall it’s the most well-rounded case there is.

Bottom Line: The best iPad mini case there is. Not perfect, but excellent for reading, protection, and everyday use.


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Excellent design and feel. Perfect to hold. Solid protection. The best iPad mini case there is.


Magnetic lock is a bit weak. Power button and switch could be better. Flap design is slightly uncomfortable.


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