Samsung Galaxy S4 Protective Case Review: Meet the Griffin Midtown Wallet

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The last protective shroud we reviewed for the Samsung Galaxy S4 was a fantastic way to dress the favored high end smartphone. It offered ample protection for the slippery and delicate plastic housing. But Griffin has something that goes in a completely different direction.

Introducing the Griffin Midtown Wallet! It’s a stylish and business-y protective case that plays double duty as a fully functional pocketbook or billfold. Rugged protection plays a backseat to multipurpose functionality and classy good looks. It helps clean up the GS4 with sharp attire in and out.


The Griffin Midtown Wallet uses a billfold wallet design and flip cover. When opened, the left side features slot pockets for credit cards and the like. There’s also a large pocket running the height of the case. Dollar bills, checks, notes, parking stubs and more can be easily placed here. There’s a hard plastic shell on the right side that snuggly grips your tender Samsung Galaxy S4. Plus the entire design makes for a great way to keep the face of your GS4 covered and discreet. The Midtown Wallet’s interior is designed so that smudges and scratches go unseen. The inner lining is soft and smooth to the touch but doesn’t collect dust.

Stay organized and keep your Samsung Galaxy S4 well-dressed. It’s also it cut up in all the right places. There are openings for the camera lens up top and the tiny speaker at the bottom. And here lies the only two gripes I have for the Midtown Wallet. The camera opening could use a flap that covers the lens when not in use. That opening is too deep where all sorts of things can get stuck and work to scractch your lens while in your pocket or something similar. Not dissimilar is the speaker opening… It’s not too deep but it does occlude some sound.


Bottom Line: Neither of these misgivings should sway you. Be careful where you place your piece and no one is really listening to music consistently through that paltry GS4 speaker. For the price, I think Griffin has a winner here. The Midtown Wallet is elegant, protects your device extremely well and doubles to keep your money and other personal items close and organized.


Release Date: Available Now
Price: $44.99
Size: Fits Samsung Galaxy S4 only
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Sharp looking. Great--front and back--for your Galaxy S4. Well priced. Great for phone, bank cards, funds and more.


Dust build-up possible around openings (monitor well).


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    This is a lot like so many other wallets. The only original and truly multifunctional solution on the market is the iBillfold2 for the iphone. Two quality accessories that can do everything i need at different times. Gadget Review should take a look at it.

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