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Before we say farewell to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One–our current smartphone favorites from Sprint–I wanted to also offer up a couple case suggestions. Our time was short but we were able to outline two sides of the protective case-coin. Something rugged and staunchly protective and something more stylish to accentuate the comely features of each device. The Samsung GS4 was covered on both these fronts. Now we wrap the HTC One in a similarly formal getup.


This one comes from peripheral maker Seido. Queue the company’s Ledger Flip Case. Like the Griffin Midtown Wallet, the Ledger Flip Case functions both as a protective case for the front and back of your slick unibody HTC One and has a flip-close wallet with inner pockets for bank cards, tickets, ID cards and the like.

Your HTC One just snaps into the outside frame. The back is matte and does show some fingerprints and smudging. Yet it’s smooth to the touch and nice looking in the rich black. Open the Ledger Flip Case and you have a single small slip pocket on the inner lining. It’s with this that you can conveniently carry your driver’s license, business or bank card and all the other items that would fit in a traditional wallet. Also, like the Midtown Wallet, the Ledger Flip Case’s cover keeps the face of your HTC One away from prying eyes and inadvertent scrapes or smudges.


The Seido, however, does a better job with the camera  and speaker openings than the Midtown Wallet. The entire protective case is thinner on both sides than the offering from Griffin. Therefore the openings are not as deep, which will help prevent dust and other debris from building up around the camera opening, for one. Also when closed, the case has two nice openings for the front facing BoomSound speakers.

Yet overall I find myself longing for Midtown Wallet for the HTC One. The Seido solution is nice looking and does all that the Midtown Wallet does, at least on paper. The Midtown Wallet offers a slip for your dollar bills and other items. The Ledger from Seido does not. Looks are arguable. The Seido is nice looking–but only stunning if you opt for one of the more striking color options, such as the nice red/ruby. Yet as a complete package, it lacks Griffin’s premium faux-leather allure. The Ledger Flip Case doesn’t offer the same degree of protection either. It’s thinner, less rigid and would fail and drop test when pitted against the Midtown Wallet.


Bottom Line: Both add an air of the ostentatious. Each formally dresses your Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One in business-clad attire. But ultimately, the Ledger Flip Case is a cheaper buy for a good reason.


Release Date: Available Now
Price: $34.95


Wallet-like functionality and protective case in one. Adds formal business looks to the HTC One. Protects back and face of phone.


Only 1-inner slip pockets. Thin face cover offers mild protection.


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