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The Wally is great. Combining the phone and wallet is a great way to make carry less and make your wallet easier to manage in a growing digital world. Because really, who needs to carry a lot of cash, if any, daily? But the Wally was only step one; it literally sticks to the phone, meaning if you use it you’re stuck with it. Decide to switch to a wallet for any reason at all, be in an actual need for cash or if you need a battery case for a trip, the reliance on adhesives makes switching a troubling prospect.

Enter the Wally Case, everything the Wally offered in the form of an iPhone case. Available in three colors for leather (and two SKUs, with black or clear sides), the Case is an improvement both in piece of mind and in use. Using what maker DistilUnion learned from the original, the Wally Case still has space for three credit cards and the same cloth strip to pull those cards out, but also includes a small pocket for something else, like a thin insurance card or a bit of cash.

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While the Wally Case is easier to use, the cost is that it’s thicker than the Wally. The added benefit is that your iPhone 5/5s will also have protection on the corners against drops, so it is a bit more secure for the clumsy. Being as thick as it is does pose some problems; the iPhone in the Wally Case doesn’t it in plenty of iPhone 5/5s docks, though you can obviously remove the case. The Wally fits in almost all docks.

For $50, the Wally Case is a great buy. It’s $10 more than the Wally and unless you’re using a dock for your iPhone constantly, it’s better than the smaller wallet in every way. The Wally Case protects your iPhone, simplifies the wallet, and does so stylishly. What more can you ask for?

Bottom Line: The best looking and most stylish wallet case you can buy. Check it out at DistilUnion


Price: $50
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The best way to simplify your wallet. Protects the phone adequately. Good pricing.


Thick; does not fit with all docks.


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