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iPhone docks stand up straight, or at a slight angle. For some reason, that’s just the way they are. It must be because that’s how we view smartphones in general, at a 5-15 degree incline. I never fully understood this, especially since most smartphones and tablets have such great viewing angles that you can have an entire clown-car filled with people watching on the same screen.

The Saidoka, from Bluelounge, questions that very principle by inverting the incline to 75 degrees, far closer to flat on a table. And you know what, it’s one of the greatest ways to use the iPhone. I’ve tested a multitude of docks lately and most fail to feel natural. They require a specific angle, which in turn forces users to tap on the phone and view the device in a way we don’t do normally. In fact, I would contend that we actually hold our smartphones more lazily, flatter against a table than straight up, and that most docks are counterintuitive in their builds.

After a few weeks of using the Saidoka, I absolutely adore the angle. It makes perfect sense, especially if you want the iPhone on your desk. The phone itself is already almost the same size as a typical keyboard; seating the Saidoka to the right or left of your keyboard is the first and best place to put it. I’ve used my iPhone 5 and 5s in the Saidoka on both sides, and my only issue has been that using the Logitech K811, mouse, and a number pad forces you to decide where it should go. If that’s the hardest part, then the dock is definitely a winner.

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Furthermore, the Saidoka has a built-in Lightning (tested) or 30-pin connector yet doesn’t require another one to connect to your computer or power. Bluelounge very smartly made the dock connect via USB Micro so you don’t need an expensive cable just for the dock. That, combined with two strips of micro suction on the base to keep the dock firmly on the table, makes the Saidoka one of the best iPhone docks ever made.

The Saidoka comes in two colors, black and white, and with either a 30-pin (iPhone 4S and down) or Lightning connector, for $30 and $50. Compared to other docks that’s a great deal. The only downside to the Saidoka is how easy it is to scratch; the thing is a magnet for punishment and fingerprints. I’d highly recommend getting the white version so you don’t see those stains. The Saidoka also comes with a removable slit so that iPhones with cases can fit in more easily, though the Lightning connector won’t reach cases with really thick bottoms. I’ve tested with a number of cases, including the Wally, and it’s worked just fine for every one.

Bottom Line: I can’t think of a better iPhone dock. The Saidoka hits every requirement out of the park. If it didn’t look at feel cheap, it would be the standard.


Price: $30/$50
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Perfect angle for desk use. Simple, intuitive. Has built-in lightning connector. Inexpensive. Uses Micro USB cable to connect. Rests firmly on surfaces.


Easy to scratch.


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