Pizza Vending Machine To Make Mama Celeste Moan Abbodanza



This thing is huge!  Are there little Keebler Mario’s in there making pizza pies?  Claudio Torghele is the inventor of this marvelous machine called “Let’s Pizza” and has plans to spread this giant machine all over Europe and the United States.  Right now this pictured one is jamming out pies in Italy.  Capable of making four different pizzas, the machine will actually make a fresh pizza from scratch.  From shaping the dough, to saucing, adding toppings, and cooking, three minutes after ordering a hot personal pizza will slide out of the slot.  Price is around 5 dollars.  Could be great in places such as bus and train stations, as well as airports and malls.  Ice-T has a vending machine at his house so all his thugged out homies don’t eat his prime selections.  He may be interested.  My buddy Donnie would rock one of these nightly by his bedside.  I like the 9-5er in the above pic.  More smug than he knows.


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