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Flatev Makes Homemade, Healthy Tortillas in Seconds

Anyone knows that handmade tortillas are the best! Store-bought ones don't have that same fresh taste or melt in your mouth as homemade tortillas do. And unless you have a grandmother or mom that doesn't mind making them for yo...
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iOS Applications

Instagram’s Hyperlapse Creates Fun Time-Lapse Videos With Ease For Free (video)

Social media addicts are probably wetting their pants to know that Instagram's new mobile app Hyperlapse lets them record videos and then turn them into fun time-lapse videos for free. Normally, this kind of thing would cost a ...
Beer Freeze

Football Season Demands A Beer Freeze On Sundays

Football season is BACK! You know what that means... fantasy football leagues, lazy Sundays rooting for your favorite NFL team (or Saturdays tailgating at your number one college team's game) and, of course, beer! As you watch ...

Legacy Headphones

A-Audio Legacy Over-Ear Luxury Headphones Giveaway from Gadget Review (contest)

We’re giving away one of these to one person.  To enter just join our mailing list (this is how we'll notify if you win). The Legacy headphones ($299 value) are the ONLY headphones to offer Three Stage Listening Technology for ...
Iron Dome

Video of the Day: Watch The Iron Dome Intercept 15 Missiles in Israel (video)

By posting this we're not taking sides, but seeing this tech in action, in the real world, is pretty astounding.
doughnut factor

Mini Doughnut Maker Brings Joy and Obesity To The World (video)

There's nothing like walking into a Krispy Kreme and reveling in the hot fresh doughnuts popping out of the conveyor belt driven machine. Now imagine all that sweet goodness in your kitchen from your very own doughnut maker, th...


The SlimClip Solves Your iPhone Clipping Dilemmas

The iPhone has rapidly become central to our lives. We wear it to listen to music while working out, while at the store, to take calls on the train, and so on. But that doesn't mean, despite slimmer cases and smarter design, th...

Here’s What Sin City Looks Like Without CGI

Sin City, is, of course, a film series defined entirely by CGI. But just how much CGI? The video above tells you pretty much all you need to know. City Of Sin However you feel about the movies artistically, and it's pretty clea...
Smart Wallet

Smart Wallet Is A Fashion Accessory That Can Act As A Portable Charger

There are times when we forget our wallet at home, either when we are leaving for work, or simply any other place. The hassle arises when you forget where you placed your wallet, but worry no more as Smart Wallet will solve all...
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Schiller X1

Break A Sweat Biking On Water With The Schiller X1

Jesus may have been the only person to have walked on water, but now you can bike on it with the Schiller X1 Water Bike that's supposed to help you break a sweat. The innovative exercise machine lets you cruise above on the wav...
Fuel+ main

Fuel + Mobile Rechargeable Battery 9000mAH Review

attery chargers have become a necessity of modern life -- thank the ubiquitousness of cell phones and their fast discharge of battery power for that. Carrying a charging cable around may red...
Heat Seek NYC

Heat Seek NYC Wants To Fix New York City’s Heating Crisis

It feels really good knowing you did something good for another person, and that's exactly the feeling you're get when you invest in a Heat Seek NYC thermometer. What makes this thermometer so special is that it connects to the...