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Gadget Review Daily Deals: Klipsch Energy Speakers 5-Pack Only $130, Free Halloween Doughnut

Gadget Review Daily Deals: Klipsch Energy Speakers 5-Pack Only $130, Free Halloween Doughnut

If you’re in the market for outstanding home theater speakers at a fraction of their original cost, look no further than today’s deal on 5 Energy RC-Micro speakers. CNet reviewed these four years ago and said this: Summing up, Energy’s RC-Micro 5.1 is simply one of the best-sounding, mini, packaged s...

Borderlands 2 Captain Scarlett DLC

GadgetReview Daily Deals: Borderlands 2 Captain Scarlett DLC Plus “Classic iMac” for $350

Our top deals today included suggestively named Borderlands 2 PC Downloadable Content, as well as relatively inexpensive ways to enter two domains much-beloved by hipsters – the world of Apple and the world of DSLR photography. The 17-inch iMac is…well, $350. That’s only $100 more than a 120GB ...

Kindle Fire 1st Gen Cheap Deal only $110

GadgetReview Daily Deals: Kindle Fire (1st Gen) $110, Turtle Beach Gaming Headset $10

Forget other cheap-o ~$100 Android tablets, if you want a cheap Android tablet from a major brand without breaking the bank, the 1st Gen Amazon Kindle Fire 7-inch is now only $110 for the refurbished model via today’s eBay deals (there’s already hundreds sold and quantity seems to be limited). ...

Archos Gamepad

Archos Gamepad is a 7″ Android Tablet with Physical Built-in Gaming Control, Costs just $180

While gaming on a touchscreen device is viable, it’s far cry from the tactile experience found on consoles and handhelds, such as the PSP or Nintendo 3DS.  Nevertheless, there are thousands of games available, and as a result millions of gamers suffering through an anything but engaging experience. W...


StreamTV Networks to announce world’s first 2160p 3D TV?

A little birdie just let me know that on Friday at IFA Pennsylvania based StreamTV Networks might just be announcing that they are making the world’s first 2160p 3D TV nicknamed “Ultra-D”.  This little birdie also told me a bit about how StreamTV is going to work – you see, since th...


Lego Batman 2 Review (PS3)

There is definitely something to be said about the Lego branded games.  Sure, they might not be the most graphically intense games, might not have the best sound, and might not be the most immersive – but they are fun.  I don’t know what better word to use to describe them.  I mean I feel [&hel...

3D Director Viewer Box and product

3D Director Viewer Review

While I don’t sing the body electric, I do search for the elusive 3D. And on my mobile device no less. Anyone who enjoys watching 3D movies or videos — whatever — knows that the main obstacle, besides finding the content to see, is having a device that can run the technology needed for third-di...

Nintendo Wii U

Wii U Hands On (E3)

E3 may have been a buzz of videogames, but the Wii U is big news. Nintendo’s upcoming console is as powerful, if not more powerful than both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, both of which are still considered to be in their prime even though games are already using the full potential of both […]


Wikipad: the Android 4.0 Tablet Gaming Device with Vita like Controls and Buttons (pics)

Gaming on a tablet, while practical in many ways, at leaset for the casual gamer, isn’t the experience that any hardcore gamer is seeking.  In that case there is always Sony’s PSP or Vita and Nintendo 3Ds.  But those are hardly an all in one answer, especially if you’re still seeking the ...

HTC One Comparison

HTC One Comparison: S vs X vs V vs Evo 4G LTE

Update: Checkout our HTC One S review. HTC has made a dramatic change in its business model for smartphones. Instead of releasing 1-2 dozen phones a year, the company will build several key phones and stick to them. The first is the One series, three phones that all are uniquely different from anything tha...

itunes_VS_Hulu Plus_featured

iTunes TV & Movies vs. Hulu Plus (comparison)

Comparing streaming content services isn’t always easy given there are so many different options out there now. Before you commit to a subscription, it’s good to know the options and what service will provide you the most value for your money. Here’s a comparison between Hulu Plus and iTunes, with one bein...

VUDU_VS_Hulu Plus_featured

Hulu Plus vs VUDU (comparison)

With so many video streaming services out there, it can be hard to make up your mind as to which one you want to invest your money into. TV show fans will probably opt for Hulu Plus, while movie lovers will lean toward VUDU’s on-demand service that provides all the new hits on a pay-per-view […]