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Apple Sent Press Invites For The September 9th Event, iPhone 6 Launch Imminent?

Apple iPhone 6 is one of the highly anticipated device for the year. We've seen countless number of leaks, dummy units, and rumors suggesting that Apple will hold an event on September 9th to showcase their latest marvel to the...

Dragon Age: Inquisition Goes Co-op & Gets 23% Discount

Big news means big discounts? Today as Dragon Age: Inquisition gets the announcement of a Co-op multiplayer game, Green Man Gaming launched a 23% off coupon discount for the PC Download verseion of Inquisition and FIFA 15 - ano...

VMWare Kilby Tells IT Engineers To “Get a Life” Shows Them How (video/sponsored) The modern IT and DB engineer needs to get a life. Streamlining productivity in the tech and IT world is a tireless and ceaseless endeavor. Yet it's what sought-after by many in the I...

LG G Watch R

LG Officially Unveils the Beautiful LG G Watch R With A Circular Design

LG has officially announced the circular LG G Watch R ahead of the IFA 2014 event in Berlin. The smartwatch was teased on a number of occasions in the past few weeks, and now LG has revealed how it's going to look. Well, it see...

Batman Gets His Own, Lighter-Powered Branding Iron

Have you ever found yourself thinking "Man, this wood, paper, or similar object that can accept a char could really use the Batman symbol on it, but I have no convenient way of doing that?" No? Yeah, us either. It's probably th...

Blake Griffin, Adrian Peterson, Troy Polamalu and Lindsey Vonn Use VYPER and You Should, Too

NBA All-Star Blake Griffin uses VYPER and so does NFL MVP Adrian Peterson.  NFL All-Pro Safety Troy Polamalu says it improved his performance ability and Olympic Gold Medalist Lindsey Vonn is excited about it. If these stellar ...

Smart tennis sensor

Sony’s Smart Tennis Sensor Might Help You Get To Wimbledon

Sony wants to help make it to Wimbledon if you're serious about your tennis game. Okay, maybe not, but their new Smart Tennis Sensor will improve your serve and help you win a few matches against your best tennis playing pals. ...

Grab Madden NFL 15 for Ten Bucks Off Day After Release

Looking for a solid deal on the latest Madden title for next-gen console? Despite only being released a day ago, Madden NFL 15 drops down to $50 via the Rakuten eBay Store (formerly This is a solid deal for the consol...
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The Bosch GLM 15 Laser Measure Gets Exact Measurements

If you're a fussy person, like yours truly, you want not just good measurements, but exact ones. I admit to having driven my wife crazy on more than one occasion by following the rule of "Measure Twice, Cut Once" a little too r...
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Flatev Makes Homemade, Healthy Tortillas in Seconds

Anyone knows that handmade tortillas are the best! Store-bought ones don't have that same fresh taste or melt in your mouth as homemade tortillas do. And unless you have a grandmother or mom that doesn't mind making them for yo...
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iOS Applications

Instagram’s Hyperlapse Creates Fun Time-Lapse Videos With Ease For Free (video)

Social media addicts are probably wetting their pants to know that Instagram's new mobile app Hyperlapse lets them record videos and then turn them into fun time-lapse videos for free. Normally, this kind of thing would cost a ...
Beer Freeze

Football Season Demands A Beer Freeze On Sundays

Football season is BACK! You know what that means... fantasy football leagues, lazy Sundays rooting for your favorite NFL team (or Saturdays tailgating at your number one college team's game) and, of course, beer! As you watch ...