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Model S

Model S Pricing Unveiled Along With Delivery Schedule

It would seem like Tesla’s Model S EV can’t arrive soon enough. While we knew pricing for the vehicle would be about $50,000 after US tax credits, we didn’t know the launch schedule or what else we should expect in terms of class options.  Now the company’s Vice President of Worldwi...

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf Review (video)

Rating: Pros: Drives like a luxury car complemented by a quiet interior Bluetooth works flawlessly for calls and music, plus AUX and USB inputs Roomy interior Con: 100 mile range Takes 8 hours to charge on a 220 volt plug Mommy mobile like form factor A few weekends ago I had the luxury of driving […]

Nissan Esflow

Nissan Esflow Electric Car Should Fire Like A Rocket

While the Leaf is a practical and innovative electric vehicle, it hardly bears the same allure as Tesla’s Roadster or any other luxury car for that matter.  And that explains why the company has announced plans for an all electric two seater that can shoot from 0-60 in just 4 seconds and achieve a pr...


E-Boxster Unveiled, 0-60 Unknown But Expected To Be Comparable To Gas Guzzling Version

Think Porsche and you’ll conjure up not only an image of the 911, but the iconic sound associated with the air cooled engine.  Sure, they’re now water cooled, but the sound still remains a head turner for even the smallest of Porsche fans. So with some disappointment we introduce to you the all...


RCA Airnergy Turns Wi-Fi Signal Into Battery Power

Coming soon, or so the current word goes, is one of the most frighteningly preposterous gadget chargers I’ve seen in some time–it’s no solar power device.  No wind generator, no magnet, nor even Tesla coil.  It isn’t even a lightning rod. No, today I’m talking about the Airner...

Latitude Z Notebook Stand

Dell’s Latitude Z600 Is The World’s Thinnest, Lightest 16-inch Laptop And Does Wireless Charging

Yesterday Dell unveiled what they’re claiming is the world’s thinnest and lightest 16-inch laptop, measuring just over 1/2-inch thick and weighing just 4.5lbs.  But that isn’t all Dell’s newest Latitude Z600 laptop has to offer.  For an additional $199 Dell will toss in an inductive...


The Fastest Street Legal Electric Car Is From 30 Years Ago (video)

Whose got the fastest street legal all electric car? No, not Tesla. A guy named John Wayland who converted an old Datsun.  It can now do over 100mph in the quarter mile, which equates to a 12 second run. Hit the video below for complete details. [via Uniquedaily]


Zero Motorcycles Intros ‘S’ All Electric Road Bike: 60 Mile Range, 60 Cent Gas Tank (video)

Maybe it’s just pure coincidence, but Zero Motorcycles’ newest all electric bike has the same model name as Tesla’s newest all electric vehicle, the S.   The company also makes an all electric dirt bike and it’s probably fair to say that the S is a street legal, polished version of ...


Shelby Super Cars Announces Ultimate Aero EV Super Car, Claims 10 Minute Charge & 150 Mile Range

Producing a practical all electric car seems to be beyond human technological means, at least in this day and age.  Shelby Super Cars echoed this sentiment by announcing plans for an all electric version of their Ultimate Aero TT supercar, the Ultimate Aero EV.  The company claims that not only will the ve...


Ruf Set To Introduce Electric Porsche

Ruf, widely known for their Porsche aftermarket parts, will show off an all electric vehicle next month based off the 911.  At the heart of the vehicle will be an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery able to produce 500lb/ft torque and a 125mph top speed.  Expected range is said to be 150-180 mi...


More Info About The Lightning GT Electric Car Sparks Questions

Looking oh so Aston Martin the Lightning GT electric car puts the Tesla to shame.  Ok, ‘shame’ maybe a little extreme, but if it really can travel 200 miles on a 10 minute charge than slap me silly and start sending me your pennies so I can buy one in 10,000 years – it’s got […]

Lightning GT All Electric Car

With a purported 700hp, the Lightning GT might be the most powerful all electric vehicle to hit the consumer market. Its body is crafted from carbon fiber and Kevlar, and can hit 0 – 60 in 4 seconds. No word on range, but the package includes a home and optional mobile charging device, anti-lock brak...