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Tesla Officially Unveils The S Sedan, A $50k All Electric 7 Passenger Car

The Tesla S Sedan was officially unveiled here in sunny LA today. So what can you expect from the $50,000 all electric vehicle [...]


Gadget Leak: Pics Of The Tesla S Just One Hour Before Official Unveiling

Tesla will officially show off their Model S all electric sedan in about 1 hour.  Until then these leaked pics will have to suffice.  And after seeing them I can hardly contain myself.  Finally, an affordable electric vehicle ($50k) that doesn’t look like an electric vehicle.  Anyone else floored by ...


Tesla Slips Out Teaser Pic Of ‘S’ 4 Door Sedan, Unveiling Date Announced

Droooool.  If Tesla’s S vehicle shapes up to be everything the rumorville and the company has said it’s working on for future iterations of their vehicles I’m so gonna buy one.  Course, at $60k (it’ll probably be more) a pop it ain’t no drop in the bucket.  Yesterday, the auto...


Tesla Reveals Additional Details About $60k All Electric S Sedan

Tesla’s CEO clued us into some more info regarding the previously leaked S Saloon. Although no pictures or concepts were presented, Musk did confirm that the price tag of the Saloon would be about $60k.  For this price you’ll get an all electric vehicle with a 150 mile range.  Throw down a few ...


NVIDIA And Cray Announce Cray CX1 Supercomputer With NVIDIA Tesla C1060 GPU Computing Processor

NVIDIA and Cray announced the Cray CX1 supercomputer using NVIDIA's Tesla C1060 GPU computing processor. This new "super desktop PC", combined with 4 Tesla GPUs, packs in 4 teraflops, as in FOUR freakin' fast TERAFLOPS of ultimate POWA, into a deskside-sized unit.


Tesla Model S Makes Its Debut

Telsa, which recently laid off a large number of its employees due to a financial debacle, has finally unveiled their Model S sedan. According to Tesla, the 4 door Lithium-ion powered ‘S’ will get about a 240 mile range, hit 0-60 in 6 seconds and start at just $60,000, which is $40,000 less tha...


The Renovo Coupe Might Just Be The Electric Supercar Of Your Dreams (video)

On paper, electric cars would make great supercars. They can transfer all their power to the wheels, making getting up to speed a simple matter, for example. But aside from Tesla’s roadster, nobody’s really delivered on the promise of electric supercars. The Renovo Coupe claims to be the first ...

Audi R8-040

Audi R8 V10 Plus Review: the Intersection of Value and Insane (video)

‘m officially ruined.  No car will ever be the same after the Audi R8.  But not just any R8.  The R8 V10 – wait for it – Plus.  That Plus stands for an extra 25hp, extra weight savings (130lbs to be exact) that is reflective of a smaller fuel tank and carbon fiber for as […]


Cota Might Finally Make Wireless Power A Reality

One of the greatest dreams of Nicola Tesla was, literally, wireless electricity. Power, everywhere, no matter what your location, no matter what your gadget. And it looks like Cota might be the first step to making that dream a reality. Power Without Wires It’s not really as weird as you might think,...

Chevy Spark EV-010

Chevy Spark EV First Drive: the Affordable Electric Car

The consensus has long been that you’ll need some serious greenbacks in the proverbial coffers if you want an electric vehicle.  Which is to say few of the electric vehicles today are a practical investment for the average person.  Odd, because the everyday Joe commutes less than 40 miles a day, whic...


Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Will Arrive At The Tokyo Auto Show

Hydrogen fuel cells are the fetch of the automotive design world. They are never going to happen, but that’s not going to stop automakers from trying to make them happen. Toyota is the latest claiming that you’ll be able to power your car with hydrogen, debuting a new model at the Tokyo Auto Sh...

HyperJuice 2-9719

HyperJuice 2 External Battery for MacBook/iPad/USB (100Wh) Review

A laptop, tablet, and smartphone battery for the real world.