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7.1 Dolby Digital and Skype Headphones

You ever get that uneasy feeling about a product when it offers too many features and doesn’t focus on its core function? Well, we get that feeling about the 640USB Silverline headset by Trust product – or is it USB Headset HS-4100. Nevertheless, these headphones offer not only virtual 7.1 surr...

Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e-0400

Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e Review

Proper communication in the workplace is the most important aspect of any business. The best intentions, plans, and people in the world can’t get anything done if they can’t communicate properly. There’s a reason why opening lines of communication in war is always the number one priority....


8 Exciting New Windows Phone 8.1 Features You’ll Want to Know About (list)

Microsoft unveiled their latest Windows Phone 8.1 operating system at the annual Build 2014 conference held in San Francisco. The much awaited update was leaked extensively in the past few weeks, detailing most of the features it will bring at the table, and surprisingly, most of them were spot on. If you ...


SMS Audio Sync by 50 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the latest active noise cancelling headies from SMS – the Street by 50 ANC. They were far from attractive, sound quality was solid but lacking when compared with similarly priced solutions like V-Moda, Beats and others. It was inevitable, my trepidation when taking o...

Gadget Review Daily Deals: Free Logitech Microphone, JBL Cinema500 Home Theater Speakers $170, Black Ops II $50

Gadget Review Daily Deals: Free Logitech Microphone, JBL Cinema500 Home Theater Speakers $170, Black Ops II $50

If you’re looking to stay in touch with friends and relatives on the cheap, open up Skype and pick up a refurb Logitech 600 desktop mic for FREE (after mail-in rebate). The rebate link isn’t showing publicly on NewEgg, but use our link to save. Ends November 30th. Or, if you want to compliment that […]


Logitech UE 9000 Wireless Headphones Review

Adopting ear-expert Ultimate Ear is proving to be a high performance move for Logitech. The quality of the products has been great so far, if a bit astronomical in price. At some point I should drum up some sale-through numbers. Yet despite being in the red or black, the quality has been golden. So it̵...

3.5mm Matte Retro CellPhone Handset for Apple iPhone

Deal of the Day: 3.5mm Matte Retro CellPhone Handset for Apple iPhone $8

Here’s a fun iPhone accessory that’s cheap on eBay: a 3.5mm Matte Retro CellPhone Handset for Apple iPhone for only $8! When you order, you’ll also get free shipping on the cool accessory that will turn your iPhone into a retro phone. The Matte Retro CellPhone handset improves call comfort and comes with a...

CTA Digital Bluetooth Keyboard with Telephone Handset main shot

CTA Digital Bluetooth Keyboard with Telephone Handset Review

Smartphones and tablets — especially tablets — are convenient for jotting down your thoughts using an onscreen keyboard. But when it comes to fingers flying over that keyboard, not so much since the onscreen 
“keyboard” can’t actually handle 10 finger input. For those times, a separate keyboard...


Facebook + Skype Now Available (video/sponsored)

There are a myriad of video chat clients available for both the Mac and PC, but none boast the same audio and video quality as Skype.  Don’t believe us?  Compare for yourself with iChat and you’ll see what we’re talking about.  Skype uses something called P2P technology, which allows them...

Skype Free Talk

Skype FreeTalk Connect Eliminates the Computer

MagicJack ate Skype’s lunch.  But now Skype is fighting back with a new piece of hardware that allows you to make calls from your home phone using the Skype service.  It’s called FREETALK Connect•Me. FREETALK Connect•Me is a small box that sits between your phone and your home’s router.  ...

Speakal BTS8

Speakal BTS8 Computer Hybrid Phone System, Why It Exists We Don’t Know

Speakal just threw us a cuve ball by announcing the BTS8, a phone/personal computer.  Yes, the same company that has been crafting those funny looking pig speaker docks.   If you haven’t noticed it already, that’s a 5-inch LCD screen built-in to the base, and yes it runs the Windows 7 OS.   If ...


Native Union Updates MM03 Bluetooth Handset To MM03i, Includes iPhone Dock (update)

UPDATE: Checkout our Moshi Moshi 03i review. When we first laid eyes on the Moshi Moshi MM03 we were awestruck by its beauty and simplicity.  Now Native Union has updated the device to include an iPhone dock for keeping your handset charged at all times.  Now when you take a call, which connects to the [&h...