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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review (3DS)

It has been a long ten years since we first embarked into the magical world that is Kingdom Hearts.  Ten long years since we met the Final Fantasy-esque hero Sora, and battled alongside the likes of Donald Duck, Goofy, and of course – Mickey Mouse.  I can still remember my first time experiencing tha...

25th anniversary zelda 3ds

25th Anniversary Zelda 3Ds

The 3Ds may not have been the run away success that Nintendo had hoped for, but that hasn’t stopped the Japanese company from releasing a a special edition Zelda inspired 3Ds.  To commemorate the game’s 25th birthday, Nintendo has finished the portable console with  the Hyrule emblem and gold-c...

Madden 3DS

Madden NFL Football Touted As The First 3DS Sports Game, Sells March 27th

Madden NFL Football will be the first sports title for the Nintendo 3DS and is already shipped to stores to coincide with the launch of the portable 3D gaming system. While it’s hard to ascertain just how the 3D tech will enhance gameplay, EA says that every play, cut-scene, and replay camera has bee...

Wii 2

Will Nintendo Unveil The Wii 2 At E3?

Will Nintendo announce a Wii 2 at this year’s E3?  Unfortunately, that’s anyone’s guess.  However, it would seem that Nintendo is working on a second iteration of their Wii console, that is assuming you’re willing to believe inferences made by EA Games label head Frank Gibeau during...

Nyko Power Pak+ 1

Nyko Power Pak+ Doubles The 3DS Battery Life For Just $20

Although we have yet to officially review the Nintendo 3DS, we’re hearing (and reading) that the battery life totally blows.  At best you’ll supposedly get about 3 hours of gaming out of the portable gaming console, where upon you’ll have to jack it back into the grid for a recharge. Howe...

Nintendo 3ds and netflix

Netflix 3D? No, But Netflix Is Coming To The 3DS

Today, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime announced that Netflix streaming will coming to the Nintendo 3Ds sometime this summer. Much like the iPhone, 3Ds users will be able to stream movies over WiFi, pause, fast forward and rewind.  However,...


Nintendo Lowers Prices Of DSi and DSi XL

Nintendo has just announced a price drop for their extremely popular Nintendo DSi and its bigger brother, the DSi XL. The DSi has been reduced to $149.99 (from $169.99) and the DSi XL to $169.99 (from $189.99). The change takes effect September 2nd. The new prices are in anticipation of the 3DS, which will...


Nintendo DSi Now Available For Purchase In The US

In case you ain't heard, Nintendo's DSi is finally shipping here in the US. Amazon has it in matte black and blue for $169.99 [...]

Nintendo Wii Fit – $90 Shipped

Amazon has the Nintendo Wii Fit [B000VJRU44] for $90 + free shipping = $90 shipped! Features: Get fit with the Wii Wii Balance board, BMI check and more


Nintendo Announces Special Edition Black Friday DS Bundles: Mario Red & Ice Blue

In anticipation of Black Friday, Nintendo plans to launch two special edition Nintendo DS bundles on the craziest shopping day of the year.  The Mario Red Nintendo DS will includes a red system emblazoned with an ‘M’ and a copy of the New Super Mario Bros.  The Ice Blue Nintendo DS will include...

Nintendo DS Lite in Three Colors

The official Nintendo DS Lite site shows the recently announced Nintendo DS Lite will be shipping in three colors: Crystal White, Ice Blue, and Enamel Navy. With the recent announcement of new DS wireless content, these handhelds should sell like hotcakes, which I hear sell pretty well. Available at Amazon...


Monoprice’s 1440p IPS Monitor Under $300 Is Your Wide Angle Viewing Deal Of The Day

Gamer who values color accuracy? Photo editor on the side? Need a little extra screen real estate compared to a standard 1080p display? You should check out the deal we found on this Monoprice IPS-ZERO-G 27-inch 1440p IPS monitor. At $290 via Rakuten, it’s the cheapest we’ve ever seen it, and y...