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Drag Race

Tesla Model S vs. BMW M5 (video)

Can a “green car” take out a mean machine built for speed and performance? Well Automobile Magazine was thinking just that when they created a video of a drag race between a Tesla Model S Performance against a BMW M5 at a drag strip. Both a beautiful machines, but Tesla’s Model S Performance is an […]


X-Series Grill by Porsche Design Studios Cooks Like A Tesla Drives

The X-Series Grill by Porsche Design Studios maybe three years old, but that hasn’t stopped us from drooling over this cooking apparatus. Designed with the minimal aesthetic in mind, this grill utitlizes the latests in, well, grill technology.  Instead of charcoal or traditional gas burner, it uses i...

Tesla S Sedan Hands On-2

Tesla Retail Store Hands On, Tesla S in the Flesh (pics)

So if you happen to live in Santa Monica, CA, or some where close by, you can stop by what is Tesla’s first retail location located on the Santa Monica Promenade, otherwise known as 3rd street (it’s on the last block, closest to Wilshire).  The location is less than 4 weeks old, and effectively...

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X Plug-in Electric Crossover Revealed

Tesla Motors ahs released info on its Model X, which his its new crossover the electric-only automaker will put into production by 2014. The plug-in electric crossover is based on the same platform as the Model S sedan (which Tesla says it will go into full production this summer), but the X is wider and [...

Tesla S Red

Tesla S Price and Specs Released

Tesla has long been a car company that produces only one car.  And that one car’s price is far out of reach for the majority of people living on this Earth.  But come this summer, they’ll release the Tesla S, their all electric sedan that can carry up to 7 people.  And today, the company [&hell...


Tesla S Sport Model Does 0-60 in 4.5 Seconds (video)

We’re in love with the Tesla S.  Here’s hoping they provide us with a review unit (imagine us begging and pleading on our knees). If this model wasn’t enough green tech for us to gush over, Elon Musk, the car company’s CEO, announced earlier this week that they’ll launch a Spo...

Model S

Tesla Motors Will Release New Sport Utility Electric Vehicle In December

It seems Tesla Motors will be unveiling its electric SUV around December. The Model X prototype will use the same powertrain and technology as Tesla’s other models like their Roadster and Model S vehicles. The information on a new model comes from chief executive Elon Musk in a company’s quarterly earnings...

Tesla Coil Kinect

Kinect Tesla Coil Hack Lets You Shoot Lightning Bolts From Your Hands (video)

Manipulating lighting bolts has long been relegated to magicians and mad scientists.  But not any more thanks to this Microsoft Kinect hack that pairs it with a set of Tesla coils, and maps the outgoing electricity with the “players” hand position.  It looks pretty sinister but we assure you it...


NoteSlate Tablet Designed For Notes, Costs Just $100

Tablets rock, no doubt about that, but if you’re a note taker at heart then they’re probably a bit too much kit for you.  The Noteslate, which we have to emphasize as a CONCEPT ONLY, as you probably deduced, is designed purely for taking notes and making scribbles. The design calls for a 1-bit ...

Tesla Roadster 2.5

Tesla Updates Roadster To 2.5

If any car company is gonna win our hearts here at GadgetReview it’s Tesla.  Today, the company unveiled the 4th iteration of their Roadster, the Roadster 2.5.  It’s takes a few design queues from the soon to be released Model S, which includes an updated new front end with diffusing vents, new...

Tesla New Models

Tesla Says New Electric Models Coming, Includes Cabriolet

We love us some Tesla…the car company that is.  Elon Musk, who recently made an appearance in the Iron Man 2 movie, is on a ‘roadshow’ in anticipation of the company’s IPO.  His presentation hints at 3 new electric vehicles in addition to the model S, all of which would sit on the s...


Tesla S Sedan Test Drive Gets The Video Treatment (video)

I’m totally in love with the Tesla S.  In fact, I think it’s a passionate love affair that would probably result in marital issues, that is of course I were married.  Anyway, video of the all electric ride is popping up all over YouTube.  The guy who bought the first S, Steve Jurvetson, fitting...