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Region Free Video Games

With the advent of HD it may mean no more region coding on DVDs. Before it was NTSC (USA) versus PAL (EU), but now there is HD is, a universal transmission standard. This will trickle into the next generation of video game cons...
Cell Phones

Yahoo! and SBC to go Mobile Phone

In a move that apparently wasn’t anticipated by any analyst, Yahoo! will leverage its relationship with SBC to put out a cell phone on the Cingular network. SBC, which owns a significant chunk of Cingular, has partnered in the ...

iRobot Scooba Vacuum: Sucks, Mops and Dries

First it was a robot that could vacuum your floor while you were at work. Next people started adding mods to it, such as web cams to watch their house. Now iRobot, the makers of the Roomba vacuum, have designed a robot vacuum t...


eMagin Z800 3DVisor virtual reality headset available

Want to watch a 105" television from 12 feet away? Cool, then put on the eMagin Z800 3DVisor and that's the effect you'll get from from the two high-contrast microdisplays. Each 0.59 inch display is capable of displaying more t...

Sony XPlod CDX-GT100 and CDX-GT200 announced

Sony announced two new car stereo receivers today designed to hook up your mp3 players to. While the new XPlod CDX-GT100 and CDX-GT200 won't be mp3 players themselves like the recently announced Giga Panel, they will both featu...
Cell Phones

Motorola Pebl Review

PCMag has a review of T-Mobile’s Motorola Pebl phone. The Pebl’s smooth open-hinge is the phone’s main feature and perhaps selling point. Until recently, we didn’t know exactly how it would work. According to PCmag you “open it...


Apple to Run Windows, OS X, Linux

Say it ain't so? There are rumors floating around that Apple's new OS may soon run OS X and Windows. This all started when Apple announced its planned move to Intel chips. One thing is for sure, Apple would be able to attract a...

Samsung SCH-i830 Unveiled

Samsung unveiled the updated version of its SCH-i730 phone today. Apparently the new version, the SCH-i830, offers quad band CDMA compatibility with EV-DO high speed wireless internet. If you didn’t know, the device is a slider...

Macally IP-S111 Review

No headphones for your iPod, or wanna listen with your buddies, then simply plop on the Macally PodWave/IP-A111. But what do you do if you have a Shuffle? Simple, just insert the iPod Shuffle into the Macally IP-S111. Don’t exp...


XBox 360 Prototype Designs

Sure we all know what the XBox 360 looks like now, but what did it look like in prototype form. If this at all excites you head on over to Next Generation to see high res images of six XBox 360 Designs that didn't make the cut.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-R1 Review

The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-R1 10 megapixel "point-and-shoot" camera was highly anticipated since its announcement in September. How does the 10 megapixel camera which carries a price tag below $1000 stack up? Designtechnica is her...

Pansonic VS2 Review

Mobileburn has a review of the Panasonic VS2 phone. It’s apparently the first phone to market (Nokia recently announced plans for one – N92) with a 16 million color screen (don’t know how you would utilize these colors). Mobile...