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Google Moon lunar launches

Explored all you can on Google Earth? Maybe it's time to the moon. Google has released Google Moon in the vein of Google Earth. You can explored the Moon's very boring surface. The only landmarks you'll find are our various lun...

Sony Mouse Phone

Sony has announced a new mouse that can also double as a .... phone. Are you into using your computer for free phone calls using services like Skype? Well just pick up that mouse and chat away. Story via Akihabara News

Panasonic SA-XR57: HDMI receiver with HDAVI control

If you own a Pansonic TV and DVD player with HDMI, then we have the receiver for you -- the Panasonic SA-XR57. This newly introduced receiver supports Panasonic's HDAVI Control over HDMI. What this basically means if you have a...


Quarter Sized 4GB Hard Drive

Tohsiba has unveiled its 4GB HD that is slightly larger (.85�) then a USD quarter. Apparently, they will ship a 10GB HD of the same size some time in the future. Via TheRawFeed

USB Flash Wrist Band

I hate to use the cliché phrase, but this is sheik geek (my spine is shuddering from pure embarrassment). Imation unveiled its USB memory wrist band at CES this week. I am surprised they didn't strike a deal with Lance Armstron...

WiFi Photo Frame on the Cheap

If you are like me, the majority of your digital pics hibernate in the photo library until some intrigued person comes snooping along asking for a look-see – this happen twice a year, tops. To get your photos displayed you gott...


Cell Phone Tazer

Looking for a little extra safety out of your cell phone? I mean more than just calling 911. Then you need the cell phone tazer. Sure this phone looks straight out of the 80's, but man does it pack a spark. The giant phone feat...

Sharp Aquos 65″ LCD TV

This CES, Sharp has announced they once again have the largest LCD. They have introduced the Sharp Aquos 65" LCD TV. This gigantic LCD flat screen will feature a 1080p picture at 1920 x 1080 resolution. It will have a 176-degre...

Toshiba HD-XA1 and HD-A1 HD-DVD players

Toshiba unveiled two new HD-DVD players, the HD-XA1 and HD-A1, which will be released in March 2006. The higher end unit, the HD-XA1 will cost $799.99 and the HD-A1 will ship for $499.99. Both units will play your HD-DVDs in gl...


GPS Parrot 3400 Add For PDA or Phone

If you own a PDA or phone equipped with navigation software, but lack the actual GPS part, then you consider the Parrot Bluetooth 3400 LS-GPS. Once the Parrot and your PDA/Cell are linked via Bluetooth, the Parrot 3400 sends GP...

New Apple Patent for iPod Wireless Transmission

According to Macsimum News, Apple has filed a patent for a new wireless VHF/FM/RDS transmitter that will be added to the iPod. What does this mean? Basically, you will be able to send not only your tunes wireless to your RDS co...
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Mitsubishi 1lb PocketProjector Preproduction Review

PCMag has a preproduction review of Mitsubishi’s super small 1lb pocket project. They thought it apt enough for the casual non-commerical use, but found it lacked the necessary illumination for professional presentations. What ...