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TiVo to drop Lifetime Service Plan

TiVo CEO Tom Rogers made some major announcements today for the TiVo including TiVo to drop the Lifetime Service Plan New Subscription Model (includes the hardware and service): $19.95 per month for a one year commitment, $18.9...
Cell Phones

Samsung SCH-B600 – 10 Megapixel Phone

Need an insane number of megapixels in your camera phone?  Then you need the Samsung SCH-B600 which was announced at CeBIT 2006.  This phone features a 10MP camera with 3x optical zoom.  The phone's not too bad either.       Sa...

We fixed the site errors

Hi all, As you may have seen, we were experiencing some 404 errors on the site. We are aware of these and have done our best to fix them. Unfortunately, this is a result of switching from Blogger to WP, but we think in the end ...

Cell Phones

M.A.G.I.C Cell Phone Sports an 8GB HD

Until very recently 8 gigs on a cell phone was unheard of.  Then the Samsung i310 rolled out and now the M.A.G.I.C has managed to leave a rather significant blip on our gadget radar. This phone is jam packed with goodies includ...

World’s Smallest USB Flash Drives: Petito

The Petito (as in small) USB 2.0 flash drive, by ATP Electronics, has to be one of the smallest if not the smallest flash drives we’ve ever seen. It comes in three capacities: 256MB, 512MB and 1GB; and 4 colors: dark blue, silv...

Apple iTunes Multi-Pass

Starting today, shoppers will be able to buy monthly subscriptions to television shows and other videos via the Apple iTunes Multi-Pass.  Apple is launching Multi-Pass in partnership with Comedy Central. Fans will be able to mo...

Cell Phones

Nike Files Patent for Cell Phone w/ Apple Named

According to Macsimumnews, Nike has applied for a patent regarding a phone that perhaps incorporates the use of some Apple technology.  Although the patent doesn’t revel much about the device other then its ‘ornamental design’,...

Computer Keyboard for the Blind

The blind and those with motor skill impairment, may find it easier to communicate thanks to Once and the University of Barcelona.  They have developed a keyboard that virtually eliminates the normally found QWERTY keys and rep...

Last Chance to WIN A FREE Kenpo iPod Jacket

Once again we're giving away another product! To enter and win a Kenpo iPod jacket, just simply register the comment with a valid email so we can get in touch, and follow the below instructions: 1) First visit: Kenpo's Website ...


Nintendo DS Wi-Fi: one million served

Yesterday Nintendo announced the one millionth person used its online Wi-Fi service. According to Nintendo, that makes the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi connection service the fastest to hit this milestone -- taking it only four months. No...

Benq E600 with 3D Lens-Eye

The new Benq E600 6 megapixel camera has an interesting little feature to it -- the 3D Lens-Eye.  Just what is the Lens-Eye?  It seems as though the E600's lens actually rorates as your using the 3x optical zoom to speed up zoo...