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Nokia 770 Shipping

Nokia has begun to ship its 770 Internet Tablet device this week in Europe. Expect US sales to start sometime next week. The Nokia 770 will go for 350 euros, which should mean a $415 price tag State side. For more info visit: w...

Sony PSP Giga Pack announced

Sony announced a new combo pack for their Playstation Portable (PSP) just in time for the upcoming holiday season. The new pack, known as the PSP Giga Pack, will feature the PSP system (still only in black), a 1GB Memory Stick ...

Program your TiVo through Yahoo

Tivo and Yahoo launched a service today that will allow Tivo Series2 owners to program their TiVo from The service will take advantage of Yahoo's already developed Yahoo! TV. Users can search for shows, look at image...


Nintendo announces Wi-Fi plan for Europe

Nintendo has already announced its deals in the US to offer Wi-Fi access for its DS handheld (remember our post about McDonalds?) Now it looks like the deals are in place for Europe. You can expect more than 7500 hotspots in th...

Online books at Amazon

Amazon is trying to do to books what the iPod has done to music. They want to give you the ability to download any book online. The service, which is set to start next year, will enable you pay a fee for online access to any bo...

Motorola Pink RAZR shipping in Germany

A pink version of the immensely popular Motorola RAZR V3 is now shipping in Germany exclusively through the phone house. The pink RAZR was previously only available in the UK and Canada. Stil no word on when the US will receive...

Cell Phones

Motorola SLVR with iTunes

The Motorola SLVR with iTunes? Uahhhhhh (think Tim Allen grunt of confusion). This would be awesome, and finally iTunes would run on a phone that’s equally attractive in design and functionality. Check out Engadget for more pics.

Samsung M70: Laptop and Monitor in one

Samsung just announced the world's first laptop and monitor in one. Wait a second, don't all laptops have monitors? Yeah, but this one is detachable and a fully featured monitor and the severed laptop is still a fully featured ...

Samsung SPH-V8200: 8 MP Camera Phone

Samsung announced a 8 megapixel digital camera in its upcoming SPH-V8200 in Korea. That's quite a lot of megapixels for a camera phone. Sure blows away the 0.3 megapixel camera in my Treo 650, huh?


Kodak EasyShare C340 Review reviews the Kodak EasyShare C340, Kodak's latest entry into the $200 digital camera market. Much like the more expensive EasyShare C360, the C340 is a 5 megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom. What did CNET say in their...

AOpen miniPC (Mac mini look-alike) to hit US stores

The AOpen miniPC, which was first revealed at Computex exhibition in Taipei in June, is set to hit US stores. The machine looks surprisingly a lot like a Mac mini. Both machines measure 165 millimeters square. The AOpen miniPC ...

Sony Puts Spyware on Your Computer

Sony Music is using a technology found in Spyware and viruses to protect the contents of its music disks. The software resides on your computer and gets there with your permission via an end user license agreement. Apparently, ...