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Uncap the 100 Song Limit on the RAZR and SLVR

Some misfit iTunes users have apparently discovered code in the most recent installment of iTunes that leads to a hidden page on the iTunes Music store that will unlock the bizarre 100 song cap on Motorola iTunes phones. Purpor...

Samsung’s Ultra Small Phone – SGH-P300

Samsung’s SGH-P300 is unbelievably small and still packs a punch. At just 8.9mm (0.35") thick, the phone is supported by a 1.3 megapixel camera, a 262k color screen, and all the while can playback a laundry list of audio format...

Terrafugia Transition Flying Car

Terrafugia, a startup by MIT grad student Carl Dietrich, is posed to deliver a fully operational flying car prototype by 2008. The Terrafugia Transition flying car, or "personal air vehicle," as they've been calling it, is just...


New Lara Croft Live Action Model

Even before there were the Tomb Raider movies, Eidos has always have live action models dressed as Lara Croft touring the nation. With the upcoming Tomb Raider: Legend for XBox 360, PSP, PS2, and PC, it's no suprise they've pic...

Motorola W220 RAZR-Lite

Motorola has announced a discount version of the RAZR, the Motorola W220. This highly affordable RAZR offers the same slim clamshell form factor with the following features: 128x128 color screenFM radio (but no MP3 s)3 Icon Out...

World’s Most Expensive Single Bottle Wine Holder

Got uber expensive wine? Then why not an uber expensive wine holder. The Angle Share WA-1-K wine container hales from the great land of Japan and utilizes a peltier based cooling system to keep your wine at just the right tempe...


MegaSIM card: 512 MB SIM cards

Orange is set to launch SIM cards this year that will hold over 8,000 times what current generation SIM cards hold. The company announced today that it would launch 512 MB MegaSIM cards. Compare that to current 64k SIM cards. T...

Special Auto Protective Ski Suits at This Year’s Olympics

Spyder Active Sports in cooperation with d3o has crafted a safer ski suit thanks to a specially engineered material “made of intelligent molecules?. The material, or pads, are flexible, breathable and comfortable with normal ac...

Nano iBikeMount

If biking on a busy street in LA or NY City aint dangerous enough, then you need to strap a Nano to your handle bars using the iBikeMount. I cant imagine trying to shuffle through my playlist let alone not be able to hear my su...


Heart Shaped MP3 Player

Ok, so we’re a little late on this one, but like they say ‘better late then never’. So if you forget to get your tech savvy girlfriend a present, this might just fit the bill. The heart shaped ChialStar CT-MP3-206F is just as f...

Plush Stuffed Web Cam

Oh they are sooooo cute – I want one, I want one! Thank God I don’t have a girl friend, otherwise I would have been hearing that all day after seeing these ultra cutesy Web cams called PelucheCam. They come in a couple differen...

RFID Hacking is Easy as Picking up the Cell Phone

A cryptographer says that all a hacker needs is a cell phone to crack RFID tag encryption. Brings to light the concerns over the RFID embedded passports, don’t it? According to Adi Shamir (pictured), all he had to do was use “a...