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LG Chocolate Pink

LG Chocolate Now Available in Pink

LG’s Chocolate phone, winner of numerous design awards, is now available in Pink as model LG-SV590. Original colors for the popular slider phone, which is currently available in Korea, are white and black. No word on release da...

Guinness Surger Offers Bar Draft Pint Using Ultrasonic Technology

The Guinness Surger promises to offer the perfect bar pint in your home – or something close to that. It works by you adding a small amount of water to the metal plate, then placing the poured Guinness on the device. Ultrasonic...

Coinstar to Offer iTunes Music Store Gift Cards

If you’ve got a boat load of change kicking around and looking to purchase some music from the iTunes store, then you’re in luck. Available at select Coinstar locations (coin to cash machines often found at grocery stores that ...


Real World Force Field

Check out this crazy video from Fox News. It depicts a force field which causes rockets and other attacking weapons to explode before they reach its target. Direct Link: Video of Israeli Made "Forcefield" [Digg]

MacBooks To Arrive in May Not June

Thinksecret is reporting that we should expect the 13.3? MacBooks (the new iBooks) as early as May - we'd originally heard June - arriving in both a single and dual core version. In addition, they note that the new MacBooks wil...

Extended Battery for PSP/PDA that Also Checks Heart Rate

Ok, so we don’t know a lot about this device as the AvingNews’ article isn’t clear. What we can tell is that this device is an extended battery for mobile devices. What’s odd is that Aving indicates that you can play roulette o...


MySpace & Cingular To Sell UnSigned Ringtones

Myspace, InfoSpace, and Cingular are now giving any Joe Schmo, or so it would seem, an opportunity to turn their unsigned, unlicensed music into a ring tone. 75 unsigned bands have been approached and are currently in trails. C...

Luggage w/ Built-in Scale to Measure Weight

Many a time I have returned from vacation with my bag swelling from gifts, clothing, and God knows what else. Getting to the airport is always a hassle, but doable. Paying an extra $25-50 in over weight baggage fees is somethin...
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My XBox 360 just died

Alright, it's official, my XBox 360 just died.  I'm having the infamous 3 flashing red lights.  This isn't the first time my XBox 360 has had this problem, but before, unplugging the machine, removing the hard drive and memory ...


Parallels Windows Virtualization on Intel Macs

Sure enough, just as Apple announced a beta for Boot Camp, software that allows you to boot Windows on your Mac, Parallels announced Workstation 2.1 support for Intel Macs. Parallels is a virtualization software that allows you...

Infrared Blood Alcohol Test

There's a new technology out that will actually allow officers to "scan" for drunk drivers via infrared!  This crazy technology was originally developed to help diabetics scan their blood without a needle. The technology works ...

Blue LED Light that Attaches to Any Faucet

Ever stumble to the faucet late night to quench that dry, raw mouth from boozing too hard the night before? I know I have, and often been too foggy eyed to see the faucet to fill my glass. Enter the Blue LED faucet light. Attac...