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Brain Port Allows ‘See What You Taste’

Who would have thought, but the tongue has proved to be a superior transmitter to some exterior appendages. Known as the Brain Port, the device can link cameras, sensors, sonar and other equipment through the tongue. Pioneered ...

Game Boy Advanced DVD Player

The Visteon Dockable Entertainment at first glance appears to be your standard portable DVD player. Further inspection reveals a Game Boy Advance game slot on the device’s lid. Also included is multiplayer port to hook up an ad...

China’s New Blackberry: Redberry

Unicom, one of China’s cell phone providers, has plans to launch a push email service called Redberry. Apparently, the service takes full advantage of the Blackberry branding and push email-like technology, but because the serv...


Anti-Motion Sickness Wrist Watch

We’d imagine that this anti-motion sickness device is gonna take a small leap of faith, but if it stops you from vomiting over board, then why not. Apparently cleared by the FDA, although we don’t see any food or drugs insight,...
Cell Phones

Sony Ericsson W810 Review

MobileBurn has a review of the Sony Ericsson W810 Walkman phone, Sony Ericsson's follow up to the White and Orange W800. MobileBurn loves this phone and the many incremental changes to the phone, including the UI tweaks and EDG...


HP Recalls 15,700 Notebook Batteries

HP has recalled 15,700 batteries from its HP and Compaq line of Notebook computers. The recalls stem from over 20 reports of batteries over heating, with one report of a minor burn injury. Batteries recalled are lithium ion, we...

Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD Player Review Reveals Unsettling Copy Protection

So who would’da thought that the forever looming HD DVD versus Blu Ray war wouldn’t, I repeat wouldn’t be the hottest story with the arrival of HD DVD players this month. The ManRoom got their mitts on the Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD ...

MobiBlu Cube 2 Preview

MobiBlu has unoficially released some information on their follow-up to the MobiBlu Cube.  The Cube 2 will feature a color OLED screen this time around as well as a new set of buttons.  The Cube 2 looks to be the same size as t...


MacBook Pro Impressions

Since I just got my 2.0 Ghz MacBook Pro, I plan on giving you all my impressions over the next few weeks.  As a business user who plans on replacing his Dell to run Windows applications I should be able to give a pretty unique ...

Samsung Announces 2GB Micro Memory Cards

Samsung announced today their new high capacity 2GB MMC memory cards . The cards, about the size of a key on a standard keyboard but only .04" thick, should also arrive in a 1GB format, write data at 7MB/s, and should be availa...

Mac Mini Laptop

This guy, Peter Green, took a Mac Mini and modded it out with a mini keyboard, track pad, battery (3 hour life), and an 8? fold away screen all of which apparently weighs less then the current 14? iBook. He’s currently looking ...