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iSplash: Rugged Boom Box for the Beach w/ iPod Storage Container

We just can’t resist these made for iPod products. Reason we like this ditty is the convenience and practicality it brings to the beach, pool, or perhaps family BBQ. Sure, there are a million and one iPod boom box wannabees, bu...

Forecasting Umbrella Defeats the Purpose

The Forecast Umbrella reminds me of the luggage stores at the airport – if you know you’re going on a trip why would you buy luggage before you get on the plane. Same goes for this device – why would you want an umbrella that’s...
Wacky on Fox News 25 at 5pm

With great joy we’d like to make it publicly and worldly known that we’ll be running a segment on Fox News 25 in Boston today (4/14) at 5pm (EST). In case you missed the segment, or don’t live in the Boston, MA area, we’ll upda...


Super Mario Bros Sound Key Chains

Oh, I miss those days of endless Super Mario Bros. From the game over noise to the intro music entering the underground dungeon, I really do miss it all. For a total of $20, not including shipping of course, you can relive the ...

Thermometer Cuff Links

With style generally comes the sacrifice of practicality. Not so with the temperature indicating cuff links by Tateossian London. One cuff link comes in Fahrenheit while the other in Celsius. Cost you $165 here. Thermometer Cuf...
Cell Phones

LCD Projector Cell Phone Next April

According to The Korea Times, we can expect projector embedded cell phones as early as next April. Created by Iljin Display, the Single LCD Panel technology should be able to project up to a seven inch full-color screen. The LC...


Liquid Snake Game

Remember the game ‘snake’? Well now you can play it in some gooey black ooze called FerroFluid. Looks like you just tilt the box to move the snake in the desired direction. More pics here and video here.  Snoil [Core77]

Paramount HD movie content on XBox Live

Microsoft announced a partnership with Paramount that will bring HD movie content to XBox Live.  The deal will include HD trailers for "Mission: Impossible III" and "Nacho Libre."  The hope is that this deal will eventually lea...

USB Flash Bag Inflates w/ Storage

Although still in its design concept phase, the Flash Bag inflates like a balloon to represent total stored capacity. So, as the USB based flash drive is filled with data a built-in pump (assumption) fills the surrounding bag w...


Color Changing Clothes Depending on Emotion

Soon you may be able to look at the voluptuous blond and now your game has a chance at the plate.  What the hell are we talking about?  Made of electrochromic polymers the color changing cloth, or material, can be manipulated b...

Sony DVD Recorders w/ PSP Line Out

Let's be honest: no one is buying those pesky little PSP UMD. I concede that there a great piece of technology, but its just not practical to purchase UMDs, and a DVD. Well, it would seem that Sony has caught onto this trend an...


Nerds can finally get to second base with the ladies thanks to the USB bra.  This brassiere  features a USB male and female connector as the hook. I actually received this as a joke e-mail so no idea if it's actually manufactur...