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Helio Store Spotted in Santa Monica, CA

Although the announcement of the Helio brick and mortar stores were announced some time ago, I didn't realize they were actually coming to fruition.  The other day I was in Santa Monica on 3rd Street and spotted the above.

New iPod Shuffle Announced

Apple also released a new 1GB Shuffle. Honestly, I'm a little more excited about this one given its shear size. The new shuffle is drastically smaller then the original and is built of anodized aluminum - this brings up its str...

Apple Releases New iPod Nanos – 2GB to 8GB

So in case you haven't heard, Apple today released a new fangled iPod Nano. The new Nanos more closely resemble the somewhat recently discontinued iPod Minis. They're now available in gray, green, blue, pink, and black. More im...


Toy Looking Car Does 120MPH, 0-60 in 4 Seconds

I'm not sure which aspect to be in more shock over: the 0-60 MPH in 4 seconds or that this tandem seated electrical vehicle costs a whopping $108,000! Top speed is 120 MPH, body parts are made of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiber...
Cell Phones

Blackberry Pearl Unveiled – To Show Up On TMobile

Expect Blackberry's newest phone, the Blackberry Pearl (8100) to arrive on TMobile sometime soon (at least according to the Tmobile website). The Blackberry claims the Pearl to be the lightest smart phone weighing in at a mere ...

Intel Cuts 10k+ Jobs to Make Money

Intel plans to cut 10,500 jobs in order to save $3 billion by 2008. The job cuts, which are purportedly a result of market share loss to rival AMD, make up some 10% of Intel's workforce. Rumor has it that the 10k mark is on the...


LCD w/ Diamond Encrusted Case

The diamond 'encrusted' LCD fits right in with those ridiculously expensive cell phones we recently saw, and at 160 diamonds it by far has the most bling. Puns like "enhanced viewing pleasure" and "crystal clear quality" come t...

Monocopter: The First Personal Flying Suit

The author of the linked page says the creator of this Personal Flying Suit, aptly called the "Monocopter", is "ambitious", I'd call it damn cool and crazy!  Check out the linked site for more pics.  The designer, creator and m...

Toshiba Announces 16GB USB Stick

About 6 month ago a company called Cell Disk boasted the largest USB stick. We all knew that wouldn't last long considering the memory debacle we have all come to hate and love - Apple's iPod comes to mind. Toshiba recently ann...


The Perfect Basketball Back Pack

We know it looks cool to walk the streets with a b-ball in hand, but if you wanna store 'the rock' in your back pack you probably end up experiencing a rather large and uncomfortable bulge in your back. The Urban Basketball Bac...

Pink iPod and iPod Nano

You probably don't remember, but earlier this year we brought you the pink iPod Nano. Unfortunately, to our knowledge, the company that promised these never delivered. Well, just in time for the Holiday season Amazon is carryin...

SanDisk Releases 8GB Flash Memory E280 MP3 Player

Sansa can now boast the biggest Flash Memory based MP3 on the market. No doubt that Apple will release its 8GB Nano in Q4, but until then Sansa can sing away. The MP3 player, based on the e200 line, also includes a microSD memo...