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Apple Genuis Bar Isn’t So Smart

Unfortunately, my MacBook's screen began to flicker (known problem) and the Airport card has issues connecting to networks (note that I said plural networks - tested it to make sure it wasn't just mine).  Fortunately, I am stil...

New Ugobe’s Pleo (Video) Goes “Wassup”

I'm not going to make any grandiose claims about this new Pleo video. Hard to tell if its real, but from where I stand it looks legit. Plus, who or how did they get three of them? If you recall the "True" Budweiser commercials ...

9 iPhones for 99 Cents

The 99 cent store will sell 9 4GB iPhones for $.99 on Thursday, August 9th. They expect over 300 -400 people in line by 7.30am that day. I bet it'll be worse. The deal is only available at their first store in Westchester, LA. ...


Alkali Metals Mixed With Water = Big Explosions

Ever wonder what happens when you mix Alkali metals with water? I didn't until someone sent me this video. We're talking run, duck and cover! Fun with Alkali metals and water [Psstit]
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CA Gym Adopts a Wii

This just might explain why them damn Nintendo Wiis are so difficult to find...or not.  A Canadian health club, Studio 55, has opened the first Wii Workout Station.  Its 400 square feet of pure Wii exercise boasting a big scree...


The Boyfriend Pillow

I don't think this needs too much explanation.  The folks in Japan (Kameo) have already sold over 1000 of these since launch in December '06.  The pillow is only available in Japan and costs about $80 and is available in pink o...

Netflix Customer Service Wait Times Absurd

So you might have heard that Netflix didn't meet their customer acquisition goals this past quarter.  Furthermore, their site went down this past Tuesday (7/24) for a few hours.  Then I had my personal Netflix experience. A few...

Amp’d Goes Bust

Sure, we knew that they filed for Bankruptcy, but based on the filing (Chapter 11) we all thought they'd "restructure their business" and get back on their feet. Doens't look that way any more. Their site says they've discontin...


Wanna Look Like a Simpson

Just go here and upload a pic of yourself. Yes, its a Simpsons/Burger King promo. Taking forever to load...
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Ugobe Sells Out of Pleo

I am afraid so. I had a prebuy ticket but like an apprehensive idiot held out thinking I might jump on the iPhone bandwagon. You can still purchase the green guy at select retailers, though. Amazon seems to have them for Preord...

SoloPipe is a Smoker’s Delight

I gotta be honest...I didn't take a single puff out of this thing, but its 'wow' factor is more then enough to show it off to friends and family. Very easy to use. Just draw back the metal slide, insert the brown or green stuff...