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Lenovo i720 Phone

Although this phone appears high end, according to Slashphone the Lenovo i720 is for the ‘low end market’. Sporting only 64MB of internal memory – that’s right, no external slot – the i720 does include a 1.3 megapixel camera, a...

Plug Any Guitar Into Your ‘Puter with LightSnake

The LightSnake from SoundTech allows any musician to hook their amplified instruments – guitar, bass, keyboard - directly into any USB based Apple computer running OS 9 or X. The cord features a built-in analog to digital conve...

Nabaztag Rabbit Now Available to Purchase in the USA

Remember that cute little Nabaztag rabbit that reacts to WiFi signals from your ‘puter? Well, it’s now available for preorder at ThinkGeek for $150. In case you did forget, the Nabaztag rabbit will flash, moves its ears, and ev...

Cell Phones

Phlash! Camera Phone Flash Review

After having the Plash! universal camera phone flash attached to my Audiovox SMT 5600 for a few weeks, I decided it was time to write a review. The Phlash! is designed for the majority of camera phones out there without a flash...

Panasonic Water Proof Laptop

Matsushita Electric, best known for its Panasonic brand and notably its ToughBooks, plans to release a notebook this May in Japan that is water proof. Exact details are still unknown, but the LetsNote CF-Y5 features a waterproo...

Brain Port Allows ‘See What You Taste’

Who would have thought, but the tongue has proved to be a superior transmitter to some exterior appendages. Known as the Brain Port, the device can link cameras, sensors, sonar and other equipment through the tongue. Pioneered ...


Game Boy Advanced DVD Player

The Visteon Dockable Entertainment at first glance appears to be your standard portable DVD player. Further inspection reveals a Game Boy Advance game slot on the device’s lid. Also included is multiplayer port to hook up an ad...

China’s New Blackberry: Redberry

Unicom, one of China’s cell phone providers, has plans to launch a push email service called Redberry. Apparently, the service takes full advantage of the Blackberry branding and push email-like technology, but because the serv...


Anti-Motion Sickness Wrist Watch

We’d imagine that this anti-motion sickness device is gonna take a small leap of faith, but if it stops you from vomiting over board, then why not. Apparently cleared by the FDA, although we don’t see any food or drugs insight,...
Cell Phones

Sony Ericsson W810 Review

MobileBurn has a review of the Sony Ericsson W810 Walkman phone, Sony Ericsson's follow up to the White and Orange W800. MobileBurn loves this phone and the many incremental changes to the phone, including the UI tweaks and EDG...

HP Recalls 15,700 Notebook Batteries

HP has recalled 15,700 batteries from its HP and Compaq line of Notebook computers. The recalls stem from over 20 reports of batteries over heating, with one report of a minor burn injury. Batteries recalled are lithium ion, we...