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Apple SVP Makes $112 Million in One Day

Apple's Senior VP of Retail, Ron Johnson (sounds like a porn name), made over $112 million a few days ago. How so you ask? He cashed in some Apple shares that had a backdate price of $23.72 and was then able to unload them at $...
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Google Phone on Verizon?

According to Reuters, Google has been in talks with Verizon Wireless about the possible implementation of the Google phone. No one knows what the "Google Phone" means, as theories run from an actual phone developed by Google to...

The WineRACK: Another way to sneak liquids on a plane, in a game, etc

These guys originally brought us the Beerbelly. If you caught us on Fox New Boston just a year ago then you'd know this. Now they're bringing us a device the actually enhances one's figure - the beer belly makes you look fat - ...


Apple Not Accepting Cash For iPhone

 By Daniel O’Malley   Did you rob someone for the cash to buy an iPhone?   Earlier this week apple announced that 250,000 of their iPhones went to unlockers out of the 1.4 million they’ve sold so far. In an attempt to make all ...
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3d Mailbox – Are you serious?

This is one of the most intriguing Web 2.0 apps I've ever seen, hands down. What is it? Simple. It's a 3d Avatar represented version of your email. It apparently works with any email system including web based email, such as GM...

Airbus A380 Private Suites

This one was just too cool to pass up. The new Airbus A380 is absolutely massive. It can hold a whopping 800+ people if stacked with just economy seats. Who would opt for that lay out, especially if you're trying to drive brand...


AudioEngine A2 Speaker Review

It really is true! What's that you say? I can't hear you over the AudioEngine A2s! I said the 'Audioengine A2's are a clear representation of good things do come in small sizes'. I won't dispute that the price tag ($199) is a l...

Audi Metroproject Quattro: Hybrid Meets Extreme Style and Mileage

I don't usually feature cars on Gadget Review, but the new Audi - released today at the Tokyo Autoshow - is simply a hyper-attractive hybrid which will leave car and gadget enthusiast jaw dropped. Currently dubbed the Metroproj...
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Blackberry Curve 8310 with GPS Now Available

Folks have been waiting and its finally here: the Blackberry Curve 8310 with GPS! If you're looking for extra style then you can also pick it up in red as opposed to the titanium. With a 2-year contract you'll drop $200 and enj...


Napster Unveils Napster 4.0 – Now Access Your Music From Anywhere

Napster unveiled Napster 4.0 today. The biggest change? You no longer need to have the Napster App installed on your machine to access your unlimited music subscription. If you wanna sync a device you'll still need the applicat...

The Mophie Bevy ‘Protects and Serves’ Your iPod Shuffle

Crank up the tunes, pop open a beer and unwrap your headphones. The Mophie is a definite mad scientist the totally unpractical sense, that is. The case serves an iPod Shuffle, a key fob, an ear bud wrap, and last an...

AudioEngine Releases Their A2 Audio Speakers – At Just $199 You Get Bullet Proof and More!

So back in Feb 2006 we featured AudioEngines A5s. These things are were kick ass and super notable due to the top loading headphone and USB jack, and rear AC plug for Airport Express or whatever you wanna plug in. To get themse...