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Sony Unveils 8 New Digis

Sony announced 8 new digital cameras today for all four series: S, H, T and W. The new models: S series S780 and S750, the H series H10, the T300, and four new W-series cameras: the W120, 130, 150, and 170. Prices will range fr...

Nothing Says ‘Happy Valentine’ Like a Pink iPod Nano (Gen3)

Apple's got Valentine fever already.  Starting today you can pick up a pink iPod Nano (8GB Video/Gen3)  for $199.  As usual, graving is included.  Colorware released pink versions of 'Gen1' Nanos August 2006.
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HBO On Demand for Free

Like many headlines that you read on the Internet these days, this one, too, is misleading. I couldn't help but pass on the initial dismay I had when clicking through to the Business Week article. So what is actually free? Well...


Macbook Air Released

Sleek and sexy hardly begin to describe the new Apple Macbook Air. You won’t find an optical drive, and inputs are limited to one USB input, a mini DVI, and an audio out. To install new applications by CD/DVD Apple developed a ...

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iPhone GPS Going Loco!

Did you by the iPhone before the rumored Q1 '08 release of the iPhone with GPS and much more? Well, if you're sick of holding your breath, or just need directions ASAP, then a quick drive down loco (as in crazy in Spanish) lane...

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Alltel Now Offers A Text Transcription of Voicemails

Alltel and Spinvox launched their Voice2TXT (voice to text) service today.  It'll cost you, and you're limited depending on what you pay and there's no unlimited option.  It's available on all phone models, which makes sense si...

Sega’s Sonic The Hedge Hog Goes iPod

For the price of $4.99 you can now relive your torrid past of endless hours of Sonic The (adorable) Hedgehog  on your iPod.  It's a port of the original Sega game and - I didn't know this - you can even play it on the new Nanos...

iPhone Otterbox Defender (Case) Review

The iPhone Otterbox is the most rugged iPhone case I've seen to date. Built of solid plastic and rubber, the iPhone Otterbox is easy to install and protects not only the body, but the screen of the oh-so precious (and fragile) ...


You Can Now Buy 5 iPhones Instead of Two – Oh Joy!

Wired has confirmed that Apple has increased the iPhone purchase cap this week from 2 phones to 5. Doesn't sound like they've budged on the whole "credit cards only" stipulation, though. No one knows why they've increased the l...

Nokia Unveils Unlimited Music Service That “Comes With It”

Come mid 2008, Nokia will begin to rollout its unlimited music service dubbed "comes with it" to select countries. What is it? Purchase a select high end Nokia phone and it will include unlimited music downloads for 1 year. So ...
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Lego Cell Phone – Just Snap Together What You Need

Are you sick and tired of those vacuum cleaners cell phones that don't pick up dirt and are just too bulky? Thanks to Bug Labs and their revolutionary 'modular cell phone' you'll now be able to plug and play (some coding might ...
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