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“Grand Theft Auto 4″ Release Date Announced

I know, I know, this isn't gadget/tech news officially, but I know all you GTA fanboys own a fair share of 'eletronic indulgence'. The title will be available on both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. More info here. Release date...
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iPhone Firmware Update 1.1.3 F’ed My iPhone Up

Last week (I think it was last week - it's all a blur now) I updated my iPhone firmware to 1.1.3. Although it didn't commit any irreperable harm or damage to my phone unlike some, it sure did screw things up until I did a clean...

Netflix to Get Apple Friendly in ’08

I was almost jumping for joy when I read that Netflix will begin to offer over 6,000 movies streaming (via your computer) if you pay $8.99 or more for their DVD rental service. The jumping never happened, though. Why? I use a M...


Magnetically Floating Lounger Chair

I wrote about a 'floating bed' back in July '06. It went for a cool $200,000 for a 1/5 scale model. The full scale went for over $1 million. Hoverit Lounger is essentially the same thing, but in an acrylic like lounge chair tha...
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Macbook Air Review

First and foremost, let me be honest and say the Macbook Air review isn't available just yet. But what I can promise is that PCMag will have a review here very shortly. How soon I don't know, but they've got their hands on the ...

Glowing Skateboards

These glowing skateboards are the real deal and the 'patent pending' proves it. The company that's blazing the glowing skateboard way is Photon Light Boards. You can buy boards prefitted with LEDs in a variety of setups or rock...


Richard Branson’s Head Dude Says Commecial Space Flight Won’t Be As Safe “as the modern airliner”

Here's the full quote from Mr. Rutan, Richard Branson's head of Virgin Galactic space flight operation: "Don’t believe anyone who tells you that the safety level of new spaceships will be as safe as the modern airliner". That's...

Sony Unveils 8 New Digis

Sony announced 8 new digital cameras today for all four series: S, H, T and W. The new models: S series S780 and S750, the H series H10, the T300, and four new W-series cameras: the W120, 130, 150, and 170. Prices will range fr...

Nothing Says ‘Happy Valentine’ Like a Pink iPod Nano (Gen3)

Apple's got Valentine fever already.  Starting today you can pick up a pink iPod Nano (8GB Video/Gen3)  for $199.  As usual, graving is included.  Colorware released pink versions of 'Gen1' Nanos August 2006.
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HBO On Demand for Free

Like many headlines that you read on the Internet these days, this one, too, is misleading. I couldn't help but pass on the initial dismay I had when clicking through to the Business Week article. So what is actually free? Well...

Macbook Air Released

Sleek and sexy hardly begin to describe the new Apple Macbook Air. You won’t find an optical drive, and inputs are limited to one USB input, a mini DVI, and an audio out. To install new applications by CD/DVD Apple developed a ...

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