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Cingular to Pay Customers $160 – Class Action So Don’t Get Too Excited

I didn't know this, but it turns out Cingular just settled an $18.5 million class action lawsuit. If you are a California resident who cancelled their service between Jan 2000 and April 2002 and were charged an early terminatio...

GPS Tagging Device for Any Camera with a Hot Shoe – Hot Damn

Looking very 'radar detector', this device, the Photo GPS by Jobo, records time, data, longitude, latitude, street name, country, zip code, and nearest point of interest every time you snap a photo. Sony released a similar prod...
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Humping USB Dog

The flash memory doesn’t fit inside the unit (I think it’s just below the base) but anytime you transfer data to or from the phallic device, it gyrates like a dog in heat...would naturally...right? Video here. USB Humping Dog F...


Check Your Fruit’s Details Any Where in the World

You ever wonder where your fruit came from? And if you’re like me, you probably think it’s just “labeled? organic and they’re in fact pumping it full of chemicals and hormones rbST style. Dole Food now labels its bananas with a...
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iPod Tower of Sound: The iTower Omega

We’ve seen designs like this before but none quite so slim (5? wide). Keep in mind that it’s from the makers of the questionable Ionic Breezes, but that doesn’t mean every tower of power they put out is shite. The iTower Omega ...

Earthquake Alarm Clock

No, it won’t warn you of an impending Earthquake, but it will make your bed shake like one. I guess you could show your bed partner how prophetic you are, but that would just be darn cruel. You know what else would be darn crue...


Video: One-Wheel Powered Scooter

The guys over at Crunch Gear unearthed video of a one-wheel power scooter that is said to rival (not really) the Segway. We’re talking walking speeds so don’t get too excited and watching the video makes me wanna wear a helmet....

Vonage Loses Battle to Verizon and Must Pay Out the Nose

Verizon was awarded $58 million in damages after an 8 person jury found Vonage guilty of ‘infringing’ upon 3 patents owned by the telecom – they were absolved of 2/5. The jury concluded that Vonage meant no mal intent which app...
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Cell Phone Off-Peak Time and Day Light Savings – Check Your Bill!

Just a friendly reminder that US clocks go an hour ahead this Sunday (3/11) morning at 2am. You might wanna double check your cell phone bill to make sure their in compliance and not suckering you for an hour of on-peak time wh...


Apple Rumor: Flash Memory (Hard Drive) Based Laptops Latter Half 2007

Rumor time. Word on the street is that Apple will begin shipping a laptop later this year with a Nand FLASH memory only hard drive. As Computerworld points out, this is the same type of memory found in Apple’s iPods. Earlier th...

Dada Code-M MP3 Shoes Finally Make an Appearance (an Ugly One at that)

Remember those ridiculous Dada MP3 sneakers we featured some many months back? CNet got their hands on a pair and did a quick video review. Turns out that those silver discs on the sneaker’s side are in fact speakers (we though...
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Blackberry 8800 Review

The guys (and gals) over at PCMag have got a review of the Blackberry 8800 – they gave it a 4 out 5 editor’s rating. As we would have suspected they loved the new form factor, the addition of the new ‘Pearl’ trackball, but were...