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Skype Hits the PSP

Skype arrived on the PSP today and ArsTechnica took it for spin on a slim PSP.  They said the Skype layout was well implemented on the PSP platform and sound quality was top notch.  One catch though:  you must have the headphon...
Cell Phones

Use Nokia’s Accelerometer To Open Messages

ShakeSMS isn't the most practical application to install on your Nokia, but it sure does pique and speak to the level of innovation we should see coming from Apple's SDK coming in February. So how's it work? Install the Symbian...

“Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” Video is Unbelievable

There aren't too many times that I post about video games, but "Grand Theft Auto IV" and this are totally, totally warranted. "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" sets an all new benchmark for video games by incorporating 3 differe...

Green Energy

Intel Takes Equivalent of 185,000 Cars Off the Road

Believe it or not, but Intel has become the "largest purchaser of Green Power in the U.S" and they're boasting about. Posted on the Press Release portion of their site, Intel says they bought more than 1.3 billion kilowatt hour...
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Paying With Your Cell Phone Finally Hits US Shores…Again?

NFC, or Near-Feild Commuincation has been used for a long-ass time in many Asian countries. According to MobileBurn Sprint Nextel will soon begin trial runs of NFC with the BART (San Fran's 'Bay Area Rapid Transportation') and ...

GM Installs Useless “On Star” Systems in Vehicles

GM has been hit with a class action law suit. According to Gadgetell and, GM installed analog On Star systems that became useless Dec. 31, 2007 thanks to an FCC ruling. Unfortunately, the only people who g...


40 Hour Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

According to Popsci, researchers have crafted an lithium ion battery that's battery life lasts up to almost two days. How so? Apparently they incorporated silicon nanowires in the battery, which extended its life. The technolog...

Another Personal, Internet Based Alarm System: InGrid

Yesterday I wrote about Alert Me. Well, I guess the folks at Ingrid are ultra diligent because they contacted me today with their offering. It turns out InGrid is far more affordable (kits range from $129 - $399 and they offer ...
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MIT To Teach Android Software Development

Starting Spring semester 2008, Massachusetts Technical Institute will offer a class focusing on Google's open platform mobile phone software/firmware Android.  The class will utilize Google's Android SDK. More info here.


Inkless Printing Hits the Consumer Market

The biggest scam in home computing has to be the printing. Sure printers are cheap, but you'll fork over your kid's college fund to print the family album. Plus, it's a total pain to manage since half the ink cartridges get clo...

Ann Arbor to Go All LED StreetLights in the Next Year

When most people think Michigan they definitely don't think 'wave of the future'. But, starting now (actually Nov. 2007) and rolled out over the next 2 years, Ann Arbor will replace all street lights with LED lights. The city s...

The Internet Alarm System for Your House: Alert Me

Alert Me sounds like a good idea, but the reality of it is that it's flawed. First let me tell you what it is before I start trampling all over the product. Alert Me is essentially a water downed alarm system for your home (aka...