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Hide-A-iPod Home Made Sony Walkman Case

When the iPod became the must have item, folks were getting robbed left and right for them. Well, maybe not left and right, but a few white ear bud adorning, and adoring folks were getting jumped for their 10GB MP3 players (see...

The World’s Most Advanced Bionic Arm

Thousands of war veterans have returned home from the wars in the Middle East. Unfortunately, a large number of them have returned home missing limbs due to IEDs (improvised explosive devices). Often adapting to life with a mis...

Manila Envelope Becomes Real Macbook Air Sleeve

Steve Jobs, the master of spin, pulled the new Macbook Air out of a manila envelope at this year’s Macworld conference. So what did some creative folks do to capitalize on the spin? Make a Macbook Air sleeve that resembles the ...
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Pizza Scissors (gimmicky)

There isn’t much that separates the Pizza Scissors from regular scissors, but it’s a nifty idea for those who are fed up with the standard pizza cutter – usually a knife in most homes. What makes it different? The built-in spat...

Silver Embedded Keyboard Provides Antibacterial Support

The Silver Seal keyboard prevents the transmission of germs by using pure silver ions, which are embedded in the plastic. Not safe enough for you? Well, just give it a run in the dishwasher - it’s a fully washable ‘medical grad...

Out Of Juice? Just Strap on This Knee Brace

Researchers from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia have developed a knee brace like device, that when worn while walking will charge an internal battery. The Biomechanical Energy Harvester (sounds more like an implant...


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Microsfot to Buy Danger, Inc. (The Folks Behind the Sidekick)

To much surprise Microsoft has apparently agreed to purchase Danger Inc, the maker of the famed Sidekick (I think Danger originally made the device, but no longer does). This news comes on the heals of Yahoo's rejection of Micr...

Energizer Launches Rechargeable Home LED Lights

Energizer use to be a one trick pony. But these days they're actually diversifying and introducing some innovative and useful products. Today they unveiled their 'Light on Demand' line of products. Useful in a power outage, the...


Plantronics Introduces Military Grade Bluetooth Headset: Explorer 370

Plantronics unleashed their new Bluetooth headset today: the Explorer 370. It’s certified to MIL-STD 810 standards. In English, that means it’s United States Army approved. It sounds like it can survive everything just short of...
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Zeemote: Bluetooth Analog Joystick For Your Cell Phone (video included)

There are plenty of cell phones that feature games. Currently, most handsets don't warrant add-on peripherals, or more then 5 minutes of your time. Fortunately, we'll probably begin to see that change later this year as more an...

Blu-Ray Wins HD DVD Battle and Rolls Out Make Up Line to Prove It…?

At a glance, the title of this article has complete credence given HD-DVD's recent demise. Heck, Netflix just signed on to do Blu-Ray only. But the reality of it, is that Cargo Cosmetics launched this line of make up specifical...