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USBTV From SanDisk: Just Copy, Paste and Plug it in to the TV

If you’re aren’t willing to bare network configuration to stream your recorded shows or movies from your PC to your media center, then the SanDisk USBTV has the quickie fix. From what we gather you essentially transfer up to 2G...
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Bill Gates (he’s geeky as he looks) on The Jon Stewart Show to Promote Vista

If you missed last nights Jon Stewart show with Bill Gates promoting Windows Vista, you can catch clips of it at Jon plays dumb and grills him about the Internet, asks him his childhood pet’s name to obtain p...

4G = 100MBpS Wirelessly in China

That’s right. 3G is so yesterday, it’s all about B3G (beyond 3G) aka 4G. 4G provides up to 100MBps wireless data rates and has been rolled out in trial in a district of China's Shanghai's Changning. The trial is costing $19.2 m...


Samsung Digicam Sports HSDPA (3G Connectivity)

Forget those temperamental WiFi hotspots. The new VLUU i70 Digicam by Samsung will sport not only a 7.2 megapixel CCD, a 3�? LCD and double as a media player but will also include HSPDA for 3G high speed connectivity anywhere y...

Minority Report Like Touch Screen

If you’ve seen Speilberg’s Minority Report then you probably already know what we’re talking about. At TED 2006 (Technology Entertainment Design Conference) in Monterey, CA Jeff Han showed off what looks like the most amazing, ...

Blowfly (Flying Alarm Clock) Alarm Clock Available for Purchase – sort of

Remeber The BlowFly Alarm Clock that we featured last year? It had a ton of fan fare, but there was no where to purchase it. Thanks to a commenter on the post, we now know where to purchase a comparable model. We’re assuming it...


Some European Countries to Ban the Use of iTunes

Shed a tear because Apple is being hit, yes once again, with another suit. This time it’s not a company but a country. Norway has concluded that Apple’ iTunes breaks Norway’s consumer protection laws by not allowing iTunes musi...
Home Theater

Rotating TV Wall (think Austin Powers)

For the price of just $3600 you can split your over sized room in two and share one flat panel television using the built-in swivelling wall.  Comes in a Java Matte and a white finish, and swivels at the touch of a finger.  Pla...

I-Bone Conducting Headset for Hard of Hearing

Hanics presented their I-Bone Bluetooth bone conducting headset at CES 2007. As you can see from the pics there are no ear buds and the would be headphones grasp the joint between the skull and jaw. The head set appears to sit ...

Cell Phones

Blackberry 8800: Additional Details Emerge

Some additional details about the Blackberry 8800 have emerged. According to MobileMag we should expect to see the 8800 on Cingular by next month. It won’t sport a camera or WiFi, but we’re thinking it will be 3G (HSDPA) compat...

Apple Bluetooth Headset Announced

Apple also announced, or perhaps didn't, a Bluetooth headset for the iPhone.  They make mention of it on the iPhone site, but don't link or show any pics.  We picked this up from CNet.  Looks small and sleek, but not much more ...
Cell Phones

Apple Phone Announced

All we can really say is: Finally. Steve showed off the long rumored Apple phone today. Looks like the rumored touchscreen iPods may have in fact been the Apple Phone. I am not sure if we can call it the iPhone seeing as Cisco ...