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SoloPipe is a Smoker’s Delight

I gotta be honest...I didn't take a single puff out of this thing, but its 'wow' factor is more then enough to show it off to friends and family. Very easy to use. Just draw back the metal slide, insert the brown or green stuff...
Rumors’s Traffic is Top 10

According to comScore, is now a top 10 web property.  In May traffic rose to 120 million unique visitors, a 5% increase over April.  The increase can be attributed to iPhone interest.  I had no idea that Apple's site ...

Sprint Boots 1,200 Customers b/c Too High Touch

Sprint just booted (aka client pruned) 1,200 of their customers. According to Sprint Nextel (and the letter seen here) these folks called their customer service reps too often. According to a Sprint customer service rep the ave...


Movie Suggestion: Who Killed The Electric Car

If you haven't seen this movie see it NOW. It details the demise of GM's EV1 (one of the first all electric cars). In short, GM created one of the first all electric cars, had a waiting list of people looking to purchase one, a...
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Unlocked iPhone?

Are we days away from an unlocked iPhone? Some kid not more then a few weeks out of high school has been working with a group of 'hackers' to open up the iPhone. Too much tech jargon for me to really understand, but what he doe...

Canon Powershot SD750 Review – Better than the Casio Exlim Z75

So I was (just bought) recently in the market for a slim (think unobtrusive to the pocket) sized Digital Camera - comes in silver or black accents. To be completely honest I considered aestheitics when making my descion. After ...


Xbox 360 Thumbpad Available Sept 4, 2007

This bad boy will seamlessly fit onto your Xbox 360 controller, includes the wired headset and cost you $30 before tax and shipping. I am guessing that it will throw off your game since you won't be able to wrap your fingers ar...

Google Buys Grandcentral

If you didn't know about Grandcentral then you're missing out. I got wind of them just as I was searching for a 'forwarding service' for my front door (I have an out of state cell phone and that doesn't work with my apt's front...

Transformers Opens Tomorrow – Limited Release Until July 3rd

I don't know if they've kicked up the release date to help drum up publicity, but you'll be able to catch Transformers the movie today (day early). Just hit up Fandango to see where it's playing. I'm sure millions of dorks thou...

Cell Phones

iPhone Lines at AT&T Stores Not So Bad

Anybody been to an AT&T store today? Rumors are circulating that the lines aren't so bad there? If you recall, this was Steve Jobs' recommendation on how to get an iPhone the day of the release which is today.
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How to Get the iPhone for Cheaper

Yuppers...note that I didn't say for 'free'. I'm actually pondering getting an iPhone and realized that my 2 year with Cingular/AT&T is about to end. So I am entitled to renew my contract with Cingular/AT&T and as a 're...
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Apple iPhone WILL Have a SIM Card Slot

Just had a discussion with a coworker. He seemed to think that the iPhone won't have a SIM card - at least that's the rumor he's been hearing. After extensively searching online (Google) the majority seem to agree...except for ...