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Green Energy

Wind Up PMP

Although the Eco-media player will never catch on like the iPod or iPhone, it’s sure to set a precedent for self-powered portable PMPs. The device can play movies, music, photos, and the radio. It even charges your cell phone w...

In 200 Million Years This Clock Will Remain Accurate

How they know this is beyond me, but according to U.S. physicists they’ve crafted a clock that will neither gain nor lose a second in the next 200 million years. The unnamed clock even out performs the U.S Commerce Department’s...
Green Energy

OneCat Oxygen Car Is 1 Year From Production (video)

[GR]nOKP3Ao5P6M[/GR] Forget about the Prius and forget about the Tesla (ok, don’t totally forget about the Tesla cause it’s a cool all electric sports car). It’s all about oxygen, or air powered cars. According to its inventor,...


Fire Glove: Light A Cigarette With Your Finger (video)

[GR]x-QKYlqfWJ4[/GR] Motivation is an odd thing. Some people don’t have it and others have too much of it. Matiah Shaman might just be the latter of the two. Course he’s also probably some sort of genius. According to Matiah he...

Homemade Wii Blaster

Yesterday I wrote about the Nerf Wii Blaster. Today, Gearfuse found a Wii remote mod that repackages the controller into a custom made handheld gun. No word on if it works as an actual Wii Blaster, but the linked page has compl...

Almost Pocket Sized DLP Projector

I’m still waiting for Texas Instruments to unveil their highly anticipated cell phone projector. Until then, will all have to settle for Samsung’s almost-pocket sized DLP projector. The Ultra Mobile Pocket Projector (U310) feat...


$140,000 Diamond Encrusted Hot Wheels Car

To kick off Hot Wheels' 40th anniversary, Mattel unveiled a diamond encrusted 1:64 scale Hot Wheels car. The car is one-of-a-kind and the most expensive in Hot Wheels history. The car is valued at a mere $140,000, is cast in 18...

Robot Porters Arrive At Japanese Airport

The only thing better than traveling first class would be first class with no baggage to haul around. Starting this month in Japan’s Kita Kyushu airport the reality maybe closer then you think. Robotic porters will be available...

A Flying Casino (not a joke)

The term ‘mile high club’ might have a whole new meaning soon. According to Airbus, casino operators (names weren’t disclosed) are in talks to convert the mammoth sized Airbus A380 into a flying casino. The A380 boasts 50% more...


One Tough Ass Camera: Olympus u1030SW

Usually you need some sort of external casing (aka $200 accessory) to achieve a waterproof and shock resistant camera. Olympus’ new digi still camera, the u1030SW (the SW stands for Shock/Waterproof), promises to offer all that...
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RFID Makes Its Way Into Luggage

According to Digital Trends, for the next 6 months London Heathrow Airport and Emirates Airlines are testing RFID tagging to track luggage. Not just for internal airport use, the traveler will also receive text message updates ...

Nerf Wii Blaster Shoots Darts and Works As The Zapper

After hours of Grand Theft Auto 3 how many of you got in your car and saw the world in a completely different perspective? I know I was ready to start terrorizing my neighborhood. The Nerf Wii Blaster might just bring the fanta...