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MOGA Mobile Gaming System front

PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming System Review

Gaming apps for smartphones have proliferated over the last few years, and it’s hard to complain against their low price and the number of genre-spanning titles that are now available. But touch-screen controls can’t beat the actual sensation of holding a controller whose buttons and joysticks ache to be m...

Gadget Review Daily Deals: Busted Tee's 40% Off, Xbox LIVE 3-mo. $13, Roku $39

Gadget Review Daily Deals: Busted Tee’s 40% Off, Xbox LIVE 3-mo. $13, Roku $39

Lovers of witty threads and stellar deals will appreciate our top deal today from BustedTees. Right now you can save 40% off their popular, sometimes snarky t-shirts by entering coupon code SAVEFOURTEE at checkout. Sale ends at 5PM Eastern, so hurry. Another hot deal today is a 3-month Xbox LIVE subscripti...


Unchained Blades Review (PSP/PS Vita)

One of my favorite genres of game to play is the RPG.  The problem is that I haven’t played a truly great one in quite some time.  Oh there are a lot of average ones out there, and even some that border on the cusp of greatness – but to find one that I really […]

Xbox 360 250GB Racing Bundle

Microsoft Outs Xbox 360 250GB Racing Bundle, Includes Forza 4 and Wireless Wheel

Unlike Nintendo, which seems to release a new color for their 3DS portable gaming system every few months, Microsoft tends to release actual hardware bundles that are worth a look.  Case in point is their latest: the Xbox 360 250GB Racing Bundle. In addition to an Xbox 360 console, 250GB hard drive, wirele...


Cave Story 3D Review

Way back in the ye olde days of 2004, a charming little game came out that enchanted players everywhere.  With it’s simple design and engrossing play, Cave Story was a masterpiece in its own right.  After the initial game came out the indie game company Nicalis helped to being the game to other platf...


Best Deals Last Week: September 26th (List)

The past week has surely left us with a variety of different sales, with items ranging from games to cameras and TVs some new pre-orders have also come along for the ride. Here’s 10 that made a mark: 10. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX97 Digital Cameras – $279 Here’s a doozy of a discount, this feature packed...


Samsung Shows Off Glasses Free 55-inch 3D TV

This week Samsung showed off a 55-inch 3D LCD TV, viewable without the need for glasses, at FPD China 2011.  According to TechOn! the optimal viewing distance is 2.5-6 meters and users will have the option to switch between 2D and 3D, much like Nintendo’s 3Ds, though it’s not clear if the user ...

RockBand 3 Logo

Rock Band 3 Officially Announced Along With Pricing And Features

The deets on Rock Band 3 got official today.  The game will launch with 83 songs from a wide variety of artists and of course have access to the ever expanding library from maker Harmonix. A new song filtering system will make it easier than ever to find the songs that appeal to your inner […]


Is The PSP2 Being Announced At E3?

The PSP hasn’t exactly been Sony’s pride and joy since its release back in 2005. Despite portable installments of their biggest franchises, like God of War, Sony hasn’t had much success with the device, even after churning out multiple revisions to the hardware. Which makes it interesting...