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Full Sized Folding Bike Fits In A Backpack

This bike is so damn cool looking I keep forgetting that it can folded up like a pretzel. No word on sturdiness (it's still a concept, though), but as you can see the seat extends from the frame that runs parallel to the ground...

RespiSENS T-Shirt Monitors Your Breathing So You Don’t Have To

Medical diagnosis often requires the patient to describe their symptoms. If the description is 'off' the diagnosis will be 'off'. Researches from Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering have develope...

Custom Horntones

Are you sick of that boring old horn? Can't score the evil eye from chick joggers? Horntones MP3 will without a doubt garner some stares. Just install and upload MP3s of your choice to the devices 256MB of memory. Up to 10 diff...


The BIZZ: Bluetooth Headset + USB Memory Stick

The BIZZ headset from Bluetrek does double duty as a Bluetooth wireless headset and a USB memory stick. To access the drive's contents, and charge the BUZZ, simply unplug the ear piece from the body and insert into a USB port -...

Top 10 Most Creative Shelves

Freshome compiled a list of "30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs". Included here the top 10, but you'll need to click over to Freshome to see the remaining 20. Pretty cool.[Gallery=6]
Cell Phones

Simple $20 iPhone Car Integration

How so you ask? Start by purchasing an iSonTalk Microphone Headphone Adapter and a cassette-to-3.5mm adapter. Next, plug everything in into its respective receptacles. Crank your tunes and take a spin around town. When a call c...


Indiana Jones Statue

It's only been over a week and some since the Indiana Jones 4 trailer emerged and we're already seeing the would-be collectors items appear. Standing 11" tall, this statue is an ode to the first film and depicts the 'Golden Isl...

Interactive LED Coffee Table On The Simple

Throw in 480 bright LED lights and 32 near infrared optical sensors and you've got the "The Wave", an interactive light emitting coffee table. Drag your arm, glass, or any object across the table and a wave of light will follow...

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player $56.94 Shipped

I don't know why you'd buy one of these, but perhaps you're opening up a museum. Xbox 360 HD DVD Player available here for $56.94 shipped.


Vacuum Cleaner Mouse

It's disturbing how many people eat at their desks and spill crumbs everywhere. A dust buster might cause some unwanted attention from the office manager, but Thanko's Vacuum Cleaner Mouse will do the job while you work. Includ...
Green Energy

VW Set To Introduce Electric Diesel Hybrid

Set to be unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show, VW is planning a 70 mpg Rabbit. According to Treehugger, the diesel-electric hybrid is said to spew out just 89 g/km of carbon dioxide compared with Toyota's Prius 104 g/km. Expect th...

Sony Introduces a 13.6 Megapixel Compact: DSC-W300

Boasting over 13 megapixels, a 3x zoom, and a titanium scratch resistant body, Sony's newest camera, the DSC-W300, is a serious contender in the heavy weight division. Included in the package is an ultra sensitive image sensor ...