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Phoneshield: Protect Your Neck From Harmful Radiation

Although I am pretty sure the Quartz Phoneshield doesn't work, the manufactures claim it'll reduce the harmful side effects of radiation, which are fatigue, tiredness, reduced concentration, disturbed vision, etc, from cell pho...
iPhone SDK

Build Lego Concepts On The iPhone

Just in time for the iPhone SDK, Playnyc-inc has dreamt up the LEGO Touch. You can build, play games (i.e. build off), share designs with friends and much more all in a 'cover flow' like layout. Currently the LEGO Touch project...
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Intel Classmate PC (pics)

Aving snapped a hanful of pics of Intel's Classmate PC using SanDisk's 2GB solid state drive (uSSD 5000) . The Classmate is a rugged laptop designed for 'emerging markets'. (more…)

Cell Phones

Sprint Intros Super Fast Phone

Sprint has updated the software on the HTC Mogul to enable EV-DO Rev. A. This will enable the Smartphone to achieve download speeds of 600 - 1400 Kbps and upload speeds of 350 - 500 Kb per second. Previously the HTC Mogul was o...

Use Your SATA Hard Drive With Your PS3

If you're running low on space on your PS3's HD and have a 3.5"SATA HDD, then you'll want this cable to connect the two and expand your storage.  Looks like it's probably only available in Japan, but if you get over there the m...
Cell Phones

Will AT&T Force Customers To Activate iPhones In Store

According to one iPhone customer, an AT&T sales person demanded that he activate the iPhone at the time of purchase to prevent him from going home and 'unlocking it'. Although, this contradicts the recently passed law (well...

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iPhone DJ App (video)

[GR]-ihU-ZD80pA[/GR] Ok, now I am definitely getting the band back together, or at least the band I always dreamt of. In addition to the iAno, Drummer, and the iPhone Guitar, I introduce to you the Mixmeister Scratch DJ interfa...

A Camera That Sees Through Clothing

A British company has developed a video camera that can see right through your clothing at up to 80 feet away using what they call "passive image technology". According to Reuters, the Thruvision T5000 camera won't show any bod...

Cell Phones

Another Cell Phone Sized Projector

Friday I posted some satirical like ads from the folks at Microvision, you know the ones building the ultra small Pico projectors to be used in cell phones. Well, it looks like 3M has emerged as a contender in the ultra-ultra p...
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Sleek & Compact Charging Tray For Any Device

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten fed up with the rat's nest of cords created from charging all my devices. Bluelounge's Multi-device (and they mean multi) Charging Tray clears the cord clutter by neatly integrating i...
Cell Phones

Unlimited iPhone Plan

AT&T and Apple quietly introduced a new rate plan for the iPhone yesterday (I think it was yesterday).  Now you can get unlimited minutes, in addition to unlimited data, for $119.99. More info here.