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World’s First MRI Guided Neurosurgical Robot Arm (video)

Unbeknownst to me, and probably 99% of the population, surgery under the guidance of a live operating MRI was impossible due to the magnetic fields. The NeuroArm is the world's first MRI-guided neurosurgical robot allowing for ...

T-Mobile Completes Purchase Of SunCom Wireless

T-Mobile completed its purchase of SunCom Wireless today. The deal was announced September 2007 and approved by the FCC on February 8th. The completion of the merger adds more than 1.1 million new customers to T-Mobile's roster...
Green Energy

Loremo AG Super Efficient Diesel Now Includes An Electric Version

The Loremo AG, originally announced as a 157 MPG diesel, is now expected to release an electric version in tandem. The diesel version sports a 20 hp diesel motor, a top speed of 100mph, and a 0-60 in 10 seconds. No fancy conver...


Underwater Hotel

Istanbul, long regarded as the capital city of the Roman Empire and Europe's most populous city, is slated to open an underwater hotel by 2010. Built underneath the city's center, the 7 floor, seven star (I thought it went to 5...
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Cell Phones

Toddler Cell Phone (video)

"Get 'em young, and get 'em early". That's practically the doctrine that every good marketer lives by. Young Toys, based out of Korea, must have written the doctrine because they just announced what might be the most innovative...
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Optmius Maximus Keyboard Finally Shipping

After endless delays and vaporware rumors, the Optimus Maximus keyboard is finally shipping, but only to those who ordered last year. In case you forget, the Optimus Maximus keyboard is in fact 113 mini OLED displays. The inclu...


Every Sega Dreamcast Game Ever Made Up For Sale

If you remember the Sega Dreamcast video game system then you're probably are, or were a hard core gamer. The idea alone of having a controller with a built-in screen/memory card was more than enough reason to purchase the syst...
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White Board Clock

Scheduling meetings and projects has never been easier then with the TaskWatch Whiteboard. Simply scribble in the due times and whamo, you've got 12 hours of tasks to follow. Chose from the 'creative' or 'female team' version. ...
High Def DVD

What May Have Lead To HD DVD’s Death

According to Dealerscope, Sony paid Warner Home Video a purported $400 million to go Blu-ray in January. That isn't to suggest that Toshiba wasn't trying to payoff Warner, but simply lost in the end when Netflix and Best Buy si...

Touch Sreen

Touch Menu Pen

Ordering at any restaurant never seems to be a simple task, especially if you have a half witted high school kid manning your table. The Teroka Deli Touch Pen might change all that. The pen is simply touched to a picture that r...

New Thermostat Shows Power Consumption and Cost

Home Automation Inc., just announced a new set of thermostats that not only learn how to optimize heating and cooling, but will also sync with your electrical meter and tell you how much energy you've consumed and at what cost....

Tooth Tunes: Tooth Brushes With 2 Minutes Of Music

Getting a 5 - 10 year old to scrub the good old pearly whites can be an hour long debate.  Give them a Tooth Tunes toothbrush and they'll be dashing to the bathroom to enjoy a 2 minute symphony in their mouth - that is until th...