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Cell Phones

Unlimited iPhone Plan

AT&T and Apple quietly introduced a new rate plan for the iPhone yesterday (I think it was yesterday).  Now you can get unlimited minutes, in addition to unlimited data, for $119.99. More info here.
Cell Phones

Cell Phone Pocket Projector Ads

By now we're all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Pico, a projector small enough to fit into a cell phone.  Even though the product has yet to be unveiled that hasn't stopped their marketing team from releasing a set of co...

Themaltake Desktop Box With Integrated iPod Dock

I don't know about you guys, but I've been waiting for a car stereo head unit with a cassette-like iPod dock. No more wires, just slip it in and bam, music. Unfortunately, that has yet to come to fruition, but Thermaltake is on...


Etch A Sketch Clock (video)

This is great. It's an Etch A Sketch hooked up to a laptop and a few robotic dials that automatically draw the time. Every minute it takes a bow to erase itself. [Make]

Unbreakble Umbrella Will Beat Your Ass (video)

[GR]bO8G5zsQohg[/GR] You won't believe your eyes, but this guy 'tight ropes' the umbrella (I'm talking all his weight), slices a watermelon in half in one swing, and beats the piss out of a heavy bag. Apparently the Philippines...

MP3 Door Bell

If the novelty of the Ring Boxx wears off too soon, just throw one of these into the mix. The MP3 Bell includes 125 different sounds and effects, or you can upload 30 seconds from your favorite hit. Plugs in via USB to grab the...


Scuba Mask Sports Built-in Camera

Putting aside the fact that you might look like the tourist from hell, the Digital Camera Mask does offer a convenient and easy solution to snapping pics of the family snorkeling expedition.  Built in to the mask is a 3 or 5 me...
iPhone SDK

iPhone’s Software Roadmap Presentation (video)

Apple has posted Job's iPhone/Touch Software Roadmap presentation that transpired earlier today.  Head over to Apple's site to check out Steve in all his glory.

Lightning GT All Electric Car

With a purported 700hp, the Lightning GT might be the most powerful all electric vehicle to hit the consumer market. Its body is crafted from carbon fiber and Kevlar, and can hit 0 - 60 in 4 seconds. No word on range, but the p...

Cell Phones

Jean Inspired Cell Phone

Levi's, yes the jeans maker, stepped into the digital world today with the introduction of 'The Original' cell phone. Looking more late 1990s then, well now, The Original was outdated before it was announced. Ok, maybe its not ...

Marijuana Vending Machine

Before you go getting all excited and thinking you can drive to the next '7-11' to score a bag of the 'kind', think again. The Marijuana vending machines are intended to serve customers who already have a prescription and have ...
Cell Phones

Cell Phone With Built-in Bluetooth Headset

I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for a cell phone like this. Called the Mooon+ (yes, 3 'os'), the device's mouth piece doubles as a Bluetooth headset, and when it's plugged into the phone it charges. Battery life mig...